Dehydration and low blood pressure

Discussion in 'First Aid Skills' started by Lisa, Jun 9, 2016.

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    When you become dehydrated your blood pressure drops (fluid increases volume of blood and keeps blood pressure from dropping too low).
    If you are in a survival situation (or any situation) and someone is dehydrated and loses conciousness you should lie them down on their back and raise their legs (or if you can, position them so they are lying slightly upside down with their head at the bottom) this will allow gravity to push blood to the head and get oxygen to the brain. This should help the person to regain consiousness, you should keep them in that position until they can get rehydrated.
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    Good information. I took first aid classes many years ago. I really need to take a refresher or find some classes online. In an event of a major crisis, there will not be enough doctors around. We would have to take matters into our own hands. It's good to know the basics of first aid treatment.
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    Recently my young brother was hospitalized because of a hemorrhage, and the thing that saved him was exactly that position so his brain wasoxygenatedd. I subscribe to every word of this post. Thank you for sharing :)
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    My elder sister was hospitalized recently and blood was transfused to her. I don't know, does this dehydration and low blood pressure leads to low blood in the body because she has low blood pressure too
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    I like it.
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    If a person has dehydrated to the point of losing consciousness, that person needs minimum two 1-liter bags of normal saline to be infused intravenously STAT. After a successful resuscitation, the person still needs to be monitored for several hours and should be drinking fluids (like sports drinks providing sodium and potassium).

    If out in nowheresville, lifting the person's legs theoretically could return them to consciousness, they could then begin drinking water containing lost electrolytes ( Na+ & K+). Such could be lifesaving. Another thought would be to wrap the person's arms and legs with ACE bandages plus elevating legs to see if their consciousness could be restored.

    Hypovolemia inevitably results in the internal organs losing their blood supply. So you pour water down someone like this (without drowning them; you would have to tube the esophagus and not the trachea) -- so what, the vascularization of the gut could be essentially without blood = useless for absorption.

    Nevertheless, severe dehydration requires the replenishment of water and electrolytes. People die of dehydration. This is a profoundly serious condition and medical treatment must be sought.

    Prevention of dehydration is a MAJOR item when in wilderness settings -- especially where the heat is causing sweating. You are breathing out your body's water supply plus your essential electrolytes and also sweating it out. Muscle cramps are one sign that your electrolytes are getting zapped. Electrolytes get too bad and your heart's normal rhythm is at stake. Those with heart arrhythmias must be extra careful under these circumstances.
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    Dehydration can become serious quickly. When sweating in hot weather water and electrolytes need to be replenished. A sign someone has passed the point of minor dehydration and starting to suffer from heat stroke is once the sweating as stopped without any hydration. Once this stage has occurred unconsciousness can occur quickly and need to go to medical aid immediately to get other methods of hydration.

    Might sound funny but a good way to tell if your becoming dehydrated is using the colour of urine. The clearer it is the better you are as it becomes darker or cloudy means less liquid meaning dehydration. They have charts online saying how much water to drink for certain shades.
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    Well if dehydration makes your BP go down that explains why the Doc gave me pills that make me get up and pee every thirty damn minutes all night. I can drink two pints of beer and pee five gallons!!!
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    I drink at least 6 to 7 bottles of purified water a day. Sometimes more. Always been a person that loves to drink water, but I also drink my fair share of crap, too.

    Good Info. I'll have to remember this and the signs of onset and what to do.
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