Devastating Solar Storm "when Not If".

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by lonewolf, Sep 18, 2018.

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    We are currently in a relatively quiet period. The sunspot activity runs in an 11 year cycle. Next year it will bottom out and then start growing again. There is another cycle that has to do with the relative strength of the activity and that is starting to rise as well. In 2013 there were a lot of X class coronal mass ejections any of which would have been really bad had they hit us. Check out the number of days without a spot on the Space weather channel. Sometimes we go hundreds of days without even one and then some years it happens every day. The last time that we got hit head on was in 1859. Were it to happen now it would mess up a lot of things.
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    Thanks for the info Tex.
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    So rather than start a new thread. I thought I would revive this one.

    As a prepper I learned of many different situations that can take down civilization as we currently know it. Some can bring it down in a moments notice. Some can be a slow grind down. A rapid fall that occurs in a days time can be or could be a worst case senerio.

    Has anybody heard of Suspicious Observers? They give a short 5 minute recap of yesterdays sun activities each day on YouTube. I began following them and recently even began paying for their alerts. These people are Physicists who watch and follow the sun's daily activities. Most solar events can now be seen and depending on the situation can give hours to a day or 2 advanced notice of extinction level events. If interested a search can yield a couple of websites as well.

    Having followed then for several years they discuss solar cycles, magnetic reversals, flares, solar wind, CME's that lead to EMP type effects. Because I don't have the time to watch everything they do. They send out alerts and I can just quickly read it.

    If I got an alert that said extinction level even was occurring. The big one. I would take action immediately. You know, crazy stuff like be the first to purchase all I could from the store on the way home.
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    Thanks I will try to look suspicious observers up .
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