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    Good morning all,

    Above links to Act Secy Chad Wolf's statement on Homeland Security priorities for 2020.

    Note his mention of "Department Thinkers". Our nation has hope. Thinking will save us. A drunken stupor will nullify the pain - and the hand will remain on the stove burner.

    I once prepared a plan for a politically-oriented group and had a section labeled "Department of Thinking". It was not accepted and am no longer with the group. Less than a year after my rejected plan, I read some NTSB report quoting a pilot on how he addressed an inflight emergency. Much was about thinking.

    Note speech's "In 2020, over 90% of votes will have corresponding paper ballot".


    "Oh Rick, you've got to think for both of us, for all of us."
    Ilsa to Rick (Ingred Bergman to Humrey Bogart), CASA BLANCA
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