Different Fires You May Burn

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    When it comes to a fire in a survival situation, there are different reasons you will burn one. You will burn one for heat to stay warm, you will build one for a fuel source to cook with, and you may also build one to gain attention or be noticed. When you are going to burn these fires, there are some considerations you will want to take before lighting them. For example, if you are going to build a fire to cook on you will want to make sure the wood you are using is not one that is not a perfumed kind of wood or any form of pressure treated or commercial lumber.

    Wood such as Oak, Hickory, Mesquite, and cherry wood are some that are a good idea to familiarize yourself with the looks of that make great cooking fires. A fire for heat is different. These fires you can burn two by fours and other pieces of commercial lumber and basically any wood you can find. Natural pine is one of the hottest burning woods out there. It will burn hot however as it will also burn fast.

    If you're building a fire in order to draw attention to yourself so that you can be found, then you will want to start a fire with dry material. Once you've established a good bed of embers, you will want to try to add damp or wet material in order to create smoke. Green leaves, as well as any material that can be soaked in water, will help to create a pillar of smoke that may help you bring the attention to you that you're after.
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    If you use damp/wet wood you will produce a light coloured smoke, very good in a dark type environment not so good in a light dry/desert type environment
    Synthetics like upholstery, tyres, oils etc burn with black smoke making it very easy to see in light coloured areas!

    When I go bush I usually carry a wrecked tyre with me, many and varied uses but you can lay the tyre out build a fire big in the middle of it and light any time a search vehicle is sighted!
    In just a few minutes a lot of black smoke is generated, a few sticks under the tyre to get airflow under will have it roaring in no time!
    Sump oil on a hot fire works ok!
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    I am very practical and try to maximise whatever I come across to light a fire. The greatest challenge lies not in firewood acquisition but how to light a fire and sustain it for heating and cooking purposes when the firewood is wet or when it is raining. To this end, it is always good to carry a plastic material or a gunny bag whig would come handy to prep the wood for burning in this environment. Lighting a fire to be noticed should not be much of a headache since wet wood generates more smoke than dry wood.
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    a lot of bushcrafters carry a bag with not only firelighting equipment such as fire steels, lighters, matches etc, but also a supply of dried material such as bark, fir cones, and the like.
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    The best thing to do in those situations is to use a hot fire to dry out the wood. I have been in that situation like that before were I had to put the wet wood slightly above the fire and "cook" the wood to dry it out. By the time the fire started to die down the "cooked" wood was ready to use.
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    Making fire in the rain is a matter of skill & knowledge. Fire is important, so you need to learn the skill.
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