Different Types of Shelters for Different Situations

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    When it comes to finding shelter or locating shelter, there are a few things you must consider. The basic needs of what you desire are 1. 2 is the convenience and access to the things that you will need once you have shelter. Finding a shelter that is close to a water and food source is always a good idea. Depending on your situation your shelter needs will vary. Should you be in a situation where you were thrown into a survival mode due to an accident, your shelter can be exposed and open in hopes of someone finding your location. Should you need shelter during a time of catastrophe, natural disaster, or invasion having a shelter that is hidden will be to your advantage. Old buildings obviously will make great shelters but remember that others will think the same way. During a tragic time, people are capable of doing some unthinkable things so always keep your guard up.
    For this reason, if you are in that kind of situation a hidden shelter that is dug into the ground, inside of a cave, or well away from the general population is highly recommended. Your shelter is your place of refuge and most likely where you will store your valuables which in this case will be the essence of the supplies you live on. Keeping those away from would be thieves and scavengers will always be an important task that should be on your mind. Always know your surroundings and the potential areas where you may find shelter on several different levels. This will help to leave you in a better-prepared state should the time come when you need to seek shelter.
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