Different Uses for Fires

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    When it comes to fire for survival, there are different levels of fires or types of fires that are required for different survival situations or elements of survival. There are fires that are needed for heat and light. These fires are meant to burn hot and bright. Pine is a notorious wood for burning hot and bright.

    There are fires that are needed for cooking which require wood that does not put off a perfumy taste or flavor to it such as pine. Oakwood, Mesquite, Hickory, and Applewood are all great sources to cook on for wood fires.
    There are also fires that are used for smoke to help keep away insects and dangerous wildlife. This is where random logs of any sorts may be applied. In many permanent camps, fires are used in every aspect and all of the above-mentioned purposes. It is not uncommon to have several small fires throughout a camp in order to give a good barrier of smoke. This smoke can cut down on biting insects which lead to infection and disease as well as help to chase away larger predator animals that might find you appetizing.

    Fires may also be utilized to signal for help. In this instance would that is slightly wet will create a smoldering smoke that can be easily seen. Knowing what situation calls for what kind of fire can make life a lot easier for you whether you are surviving for the weekend or have been thrown into an unfortunate situation in which your life depends on it.

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