"disaster Capitalism"

Discussion in 'Financial Planning' started by Pragmatist, Oct 31, 2019.

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  1. Pragmatist

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  2. Morgan101

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    HEPA is an acronym for High Efficiency Particulate Air.

    " Filters meeting the HEPA standard must satisfy certain levels of efficiency. Common standards require that a HEPA air filter must remove—from the air that passes through—at least 99.95% (European Standard)[4] or 99.97% (ASME, U.S. DOE)[5][6] of particles whose diameter is greater than or equal to 0.3 µm. "

    We have one that we run almost 24/7. It is in the area where my wife spends most of her time. It is very hard to tell how effective it has been. Has her health improved? Not really. Has she avoided minor things like colds, and sore throats? Maybe some, but not completely. It has been effective against odors, but there is a special wrap that goes around the filter for odor reduction. A HEPA filter is not effective against odors.

    I would be highly suspect of Molekule's claim that they can "safely destroy pollutants". It is still a filter. It doesn't destroy anything. At best it traps it, and keeps the small particulate in the filter.

    Disaster Capitalism? Isn't that what we used to call Profiteering? You are right, Pragmatist. there isn't much new under the sun.
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  3. Pragmatist

    Pragmatist Master Survivalist

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    Good morning Morgan,

    Appreciate detailed info re HEPA filters.

    Hope Madam faring AOK.

    Thank you.
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  4. watcherchris

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    You still have to do maintenance on a Hepa Filter system...any filter system...they are not maintenance free...

    Do any of you members think that these whiners ...whining about the cost of these items...or the timing of them are capable of doing the maintenance on systems like this...HEPA or not????

    How about on a generator....

    Or do they much better know how to work a cell phone key pad....and know about the Kardashians, NFL. NASCAR...and Dr. Phil????

    I'll bet many of them can get ready for tonight's game or tv program ...but not much else.

    I don't necessarily feel sorry for them...…..and understand about disaster capitalism.

    My question is ...why were these people not more prepared in advance?? Am I responsible for their victimhood???
    Are they really a "Victim??"

    Storm came through here last night...

    It knocked down my long range wire ham radio antenna. I will work on putting it back up this weekend.

    If I don't get it back up ...can I scream "Victim" and demand that someone else take responsibility for it?

    And if a disaster happens....can I whine about how much it will cost for someone else to get another for me and put it up... since I am a "Victim??"

    Or should I stand on my own merits and demerits...and take responsibility for not putting the antenna back up ….instead of watching television and or movies and playing on my cell phone....socializing....worrying about the score in the games NFL or NBA....DR. PHil...and or other social distractions while justifying myself by blaming others ???

    Not an Ishmaelite
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  5. Caribou

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    I don't see that as any different from those businesses advertising to the prepper community. If you have asthma or COPD an air filter can make a difference. Even without illness the particulates in smoke can irritate your lungs. I used to have electrostatic air filters that would remove dust, smoke, and eventually smells.

    Changing filters on a HEPA is no more difficult than any other filter change.
  6. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon Watcherchris,

    We think alike.

    These people know the restaurant trade, the shopping centers, the entertainment world,... They are hedonists - pleasure-seekers.

    Now, in reply to your posed question: Yes, you, I and others, especially here at the forum, are responsible for these hedonists. "Victimhood" is defined by those doing the defining. It's the same method as to the definition of "poor".

    I was on the periphery of last night's storm. Up here we missed most of the danger except my morning psychological trauma when I read a county email about a pending weather emergency exercise for the responders. Let the would-be weather emergency victims trade in their fully-loaded soccer mom vans and get Jeeps or pickups to evacuate prior to storm.

    I am getting fed-up with the socialism and the hedonists.
  7. watcherchris

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    This is very true...but a major obstacle to those raised on a daily diet of movies and television and accustomed to being 'Flashdanced" through life's hardships....which is to what I was alluding.

    Flashdance….oh..what a feeling!!!!!


    Oh....so you got the storm up there as well. I was not aware of this . It came suddenly and before I knew it my ladder line and feed point had dropped out of the tree wherein it was suspended and onto my deck. I will hoist it back up there with my boat pole and 30 lb fishing line...3 oz tear drop sinker.

    On a serious side....I have no objection to these people knowing the restaurant trade...shopping centers et al..

    But they have no right to leverage me and my labors/risks because they did not prepare in lieu of the Restaurant trade, shopping centers ...et al.

    Because of their high maintenance requirements...and lack of preps.

    Had to laugh at so many of the guys last night at work...when they could they ran for their phones to check the latest scores...It was funny to me.
    I could care less what the gods of sports are doing.
    I put them right there in with the Kardashians.....Hollywood..
    It is my way.

    Not an Ishmaelite.
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  8. Old Geezer

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    I was just on the web looking for specific examples of how Germans got by during their crushing depression post WWI / 1920s. Not being particularly successful.

    Found the following. It has some specifics. Farmers did well, however they were resented and attacked by people who left the cities to find food. The article is from 2015. The writers are selling gold, thus the motivation to speak of currency collapse (over twenty economies hyperinflated into nothingness during the 1900s).


    Found some more 1920s (Germany) stories in the following article:

    OK, I'm failing here. Anybody else have very specific stories, day-to-day events, that describe how German citizens "got-by" during the German Weimar Republic economic collapse (1920s)?
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  9. watcherchris

    watcherchris Legendary Survivalist

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    While my German Grandfather and Grandmother survived those days...I do not remember many stories about it from them.

    My Grandfather was a young soldier in WW1 and was drafted back into the German Army in WW2 for the invasion of France along with my Uncle who lost an arm in France in early WW2. My Grandfather was taken out of the military in WW2 to be returned to civilian life as he was a trained street car driver and they too were needed in the cities...during the war.

    What they mostly told me about was how hard it was after WW 2 when the money was no good. Grandfather had an older Beater car which him and Mom would take to the olde country to trade city goods out in the country...for their food stuffs.

    Mom told me of returning from the country at night carrying half a pig and trying to skirt the road blocks and check points. The ignition was worn out in the car and Grandfather had Mom hold the key so it would not fall out and cut off the car. If they got stopped they would lose the half a pig and that cargo was pure gold. Gasoline was not that plentiful...and trips had to be carefully planned around gas stores.

    Mom and Pop told me of seeing an inventive German who had converted a gasoline engine to run on steam and installed a boiler for heat.

    The aftermath of WW2 brought it's own shortages...as well as hardships. People solved these hardships as best they could...or did without.

    Many people who could were operating in the black marketplace..including Americans with the skills and know how to so do.

    There is a famous Life Magazine photo series of pictures wherein a woman loses her calm at the overnight rise in prices for eggs at a street vendor due to the collapse of the value of the money and she begins pelting the street vendor with their own eggs..

    That hardship and scenario in the famous German Inflation and money collapse after WW1 has been repeated in several nations since.....well repeated.

    The sad thing for us ...is that this history is carefully avoided in public schools as well as in the news ...not spinning and looking out for us....

    We are not to know anything about what happens in these nations suffering run away inflation and destruction of their currency's value.

    This has happened several times in Argentina and again avoided here in the news as to exactly what happened in these countries.

    Remember this ..because one of the big sources of liquidity in most nations is your equity in your homes and your retirement accounts.

    Do not think for one minute that your money thirsty and rabidly whorish spending governments would not eye this liquidity under such desperate economic conditions...no matter what the laws state.

    Bewarned….Ishmaelites run wild....


    Not an Ishmaelite.
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    1. Old Geezer
      Banks first foreclose on houses that are nearly paid-off. The owners are close to owning the house. Due to hard times, houses will have lost much value, but the bank now has little money left in the house meaning that even if the house sells for 1/3 its true value, the bank still gets some money out of the place. That the owners lose their equity means nothing to them, the banks walk away with a bit of money which they will be in dire need thereof. Big Brother will pretend the banks into a false existence or nationalize them.
      Old Geezer, Nov 2, 2019
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  10. watcherchris

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    Here is something so often undefined by our whorish pimping deceitful government for which they never want us to know or realize..and few teachers in public schools or colleges will ever openly teach you...about economic collapse.

    You are never to know or teach your children this line of thought in lieu of the Kardashians or any other distractions which substitute instant gratification for thinking today.

    And this simple truth is...……..

    Whenever times get sufficiently rough that an economy does not work.....for any reason......another economy or marketplace automatically springs up and will work if left to run itself and competition allowed to control and regulate prices...freely.

    And that economy or marketplace is called " The Black Market."

    The Black market is the real free market...or put another way ..the White market if allowed to run freely ..not dominated or regulated...where people can exchange goods and services at whatever rate they determine ..not government determines.

    As long as prices do not get to out of kilter....the black market does not arise.....

    But whenever prices begin to run away....any marketplace which will survive... will operate outside of the government controlled and regulated marketplace.

    You have been sent to public schools to think that the government controlled and regulated marketplace is the only marketplace out here...not true....they are gaslighting you into being herded...even gaslighted your thinking...

    Flea Markets and yard sales are a prime example of a marketplace which began to run away in many cities and had to be controlled and regulated by governments because so many people began going to them in some towns rather than the controlled and regulated stores.
    Once governments got in and made people sign up for permits....many of these independent marketplaces began to shut down and get smaller.....the profit margin began to dry up with government interference....which I believe was the goal of these governments....Herding.

    Whenever the government phony over controlled and regulated marketplace begins to fail......another marketplace will spring up and at least work....when the government marketplace will not.

    This other marketplace will at least have goods and services when the government marketplace will be barren...the stores will be empty.

    Think of Russia in the Soviet days...with their empty shelves.

    And this is precisely where our college educated leftist candidates will be trying to take us. Backed by our phony Republicans.

    Kalifornia is a prime example of this ….Power blackouts are just the beginning of where they are trying to take the whole country using Kalifornia as a default template for all of America.

    You don't have to buy into this ...but it is what I know from good history teachers who would connect the dots going back into time.

    Be Warned the Ishmaelites......

    My non Ishmaelite .02,
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  11. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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    Bernie Sanders will not state that Venezuela has any economic problems. Bernie still supports the current Venezuela regime.

    When searching for articles providing information on the status of economies in trouble, I always get search results with several articles stating how that the U.S. economy is incapable of collapsing. Recently I read one economist who stated that since currencies are electronic, all the system has to do is fiddle the numbers back into solvency. Socialists actively WISH inflation to wipe out debts and the banks/institutions holding debts. Total debt forgiveness is the mantra of the left.

    Thus the need for Big Brother to disarm solid citizens, "Take this currency in trade ... or else."

    Disarmament = rape of the people

    Silly me, I'm not getting on a train cattle car. I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid. Death before dishonor.

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