Disaster Education For The Kids

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    Good morning all,

    Above article tells of using the "Zombie" theme to teach disaster preparedness to the kids.

    "Zombie" stuff has been highly-successful as an education vehicle. Full disclosure: I've on a "Zombie Outbreak Response Team".


    Indirectly related to Zombies as an education tool, for our county emergency shelter, I have a class with "handouts" on the Smokey Bear background and lessons. Also have a large picture of the real Smokey from zoo in D.C. Kids and youths stuck in an emergency shelter get bored nearly as fast as I do. Smokey and Zombie classes help.


    Once the kids get into prepping, hope will return to the fruited plain. So, too, greatness.
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    I like the Zombie theme concept. I will suggest my son takes grand kids out to shoot zombies. They are too young right now (don't know what a Zombie is) but soon they will be old enough for the gun safety training and time to rid the world of those pesky Zombies.
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