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    Above article provides the "flavor" of the envisioned environment. Article also discusses a $52 Million capital infusion for infrastructure upgrades.

    Intro id focused on "patients' care..." and not worrying about roofs and power systems".

    The "1. Bricks-and-..." tells of how "they" perfected the skills of the sages of olden times: "It's systems can run for about 80 days on diesel generators".

    Entire article deals with serious medical disaster matters yet "2.HIEs" provides some anti-stress humor to readers: "should be". LMAO. Meanwhile, the "other states" might be in worse shape.

    Section 3 tells of drone automation of the disaster scene.

    Section 4 tells of "communities cut off by natural disasters," ...... and I think is a hint for a few more -needed- $52 Million capital infusion so as to make the place something like Heaven.

    Section 5 tells us of "...reduction in the costs...". ROFL

    Meanwhile, do get the rubber boots ready along with the other field clothes. Houston's circular boat ramp, believe known as Interstate 610, and Manhattan's closed subways.....(How do the health care workers get to the work place? How do the diesel engineer techies get there also ?)

    Much work still pending and the rubber boots and quality gloves arrive indirectly via bake sales and not $ 52 Million capital infusions.
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