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    Congressman Polk is surely one of America's founding political philosophers. I believe his philosophy is really incorporated in our current Stafford Act (1988). The states will start to fund their losses with a little transition help from the Federal agencies. If, eg, California wants to run a subsidy program to allow residential house sales on fault lines, California can run the response, recovery and burials after SHTF. It's the same for the rest of our socialist paradises.

    Portsmouth, New Hampshire's acceptance of a private gift from President Jefferson, establishes that this New England city accepted the proceeds of slave labor. President Jefferson, America's first John D. Rockefeller, was the nation's largest slave-owner.

    Puerto Rico did not get "disgraceful neglect". The place was in bankruptcy. People could relocate to the mainland...numerous charities with relocation arrangements.

    Attention Cynthia A. Kierner: The nation changed after the FDR administrative state established. At the time, it worked.
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