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    Above article also loaded with gallows humor.

    Head Note: Per article, the NYT is "mission-driven journalism".

    I followed some of the referenced disasters. The New Zealand attacks were indicators of the lowest quality of government. Public safety and security is obtainable - IF - sought. The New Zealand tragedy explains this.

    I do not accept that Bryant Roussseau thinks. A couple of years ago, I attended a regional FEMA conference and listened to a speaker - the attorney who won a major case against the NYT's home town. The city accepted that they could not evacuate their disabled population in case of emergency. Briant: Please ! Hold off on the S. Korean ferry and review the closer to home issue that's STILL PENDING !

    Not sure but wasn't Grenfell Tower caused by the lowest quality construction material allowed by code ? Housing in the UK, less perhaps the Shetland Islands is EXPENSIVE. It's only indirect but can say if the housing stock was priced for the realistic earnings of residents, the place would have been safer. We've got similar issues on this side of the pond.
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