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    Well, we may have ourselves a new plague on our doorstep. Seems the scientists and medical community are a bit stumped as to the nature of this new virus coming after humans. An interesting aspect of this new pathogen is that it could be a designer virus -- yes, a military weapon that has escaped its intended target area. Who knows? Everyone is puzzled, however all those in the know know that this is not going to be any sort of happy adventure.

    "While Disease X's origins are unknown, WHO experts say that its most probable source is 'zoonotic diseases, or Zoonoses' that are present in wild and domesticated animals that can be transmitted to humans.

    "Two such 'Zoonoses' are Ebola and HIV, which both had their origins in animals, according to the report.

    "With Disease X, domestic livestock are the most likely incubators, as large groups of farm animals housed close together "create ideal breeding conditions for zoonotic disease."

    "The viruses constantly mutate and travel rapidly from wild animals to farm animals — and then to humans.

    "'They can be spread by ticks, but the fastest moving are airborne,' the Telegraph reports.

    "To combat Disease X, the WHO has enlisted its longtime weapon: "preparedness," which includes 'improving disease surveillance' and strengthening local health systems worldwide.

    "Through the methods, the WHO 'aims to spot an outbreak early, contain it and kill it off before it spreads,' according to the Telegraph.

    "Dr. Nahid Bhadelia of the Boston University Medical Center likened the effort to a city building dams or seawalls for flood protection."
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    Thanks for the heads up. Appreciated.
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    Were I a book-maker, my prediction would be that this virus will kill hundreds, maybe thousands of people. It will cause a whole lot of problems for the medical community. However, I doubt that its consequences will be anywhere near apocalyptic in magnitude.

    I think the take-away from this event is that should a hell-virus show up -- maybe I should say when it shows up -- there will be no warning. How could there be any warning?! Boom! Here it is!

    There is talk of isolating this disease. There is talk of creating a vaccine against this Disease X. What if it breaks out of its quarantine area?! What if this evolved deadly by week's end?! Viruses evolve at a ferocious pace. How apt the old phrase, "A day late and a dollar short."

    Nasty events such as this virus thingy, speak to those who prepare and say, "Be prepared NOW. There are those things one can put off and then there are those things that crash through your front door."







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    Sooner or later there is going to be another disease that will get a bunch of people. The biological world is a Pandora's Box that sooner or later man or nature will reopen.

    So far we have been able to deal with the bugs as they have popped up and limited their spread while minimizing the number of deaths. The last one that got away was the Spanish Influenza. We have only in the last two or three years figured out the how and why of that one. It was a strange one in that it killed the young and healthy males while leaving the very young, the old and the already weak alive. Basically it invaded the body and turned the immune system on the person. Those with the strongest immune systems were the ones most affected while the weak and infirm easily survived it.

    The plagues swept through periodically and then just vanished. They are beginning to believe that they vanished basically because they killed until there were so few left that weren't naturally immune that the disease couldn't be spread effectively anymore. Time would pass and when there were again enough people to carry it it would reappear. Eventually it mostly became a non issue, it still exists there just aren't many people that are strongly affected by it anymore.

    The next big one will sweep across the world as none before it. We are now truely one world and in hours any germ can hit on every continent except maybe Antarctica. The problem won't be the virulence as much as it will be that the world wide medical will be overwhelmed to the point of total collapse in its ability to cope. What will happen to a country if even 10% of their population is suddenly deathly ill? What could the US do with 35 million dying people? It will be especially hard on the medical professionals and as they drop who will take their places?
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    Here's another kicker about that monster 1918 influenza: People in their prime would develop pulmonary hemorrhagia, i.e. bleeding lungs.


    And this hemorrhagic aspect of the flu virus is still around:


    The average person on the street does not think of influenza as being a killer, save maybe for children and the elderly.

    Oops! The flue can be a killer -- indeed, a killer of populations.
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    The flu that is going around this year, had it popped up in the early 1900s, would have been a killer possibly along the lines of the Spanish Influenza. My wife and I have been sick for going on 6 weeks. I have never been this sick in my entire life. Had we been sick like this at a point where we didn't have food on hand and modern medicines I am pretty sure we would have died.

    The thing is about this flu is that it just wears you down. I ran fever over 103/39.5 every day for over 10 days. Our lungs clogged up to the point that we couldn't sleep laying down. We are STILL sleeping in recliners in the living room. Even when the fever would slack off we were coughing endlessly. I am finally getting better but my wife has relapsed and now has pneumonia. Were it not for modern medicine it would have killed her.

    The thing that people don't grasp today is that without the medicines that we take for granted this is how most illnesses would be. With nothing to effectively fight the fever and antibiotics to deal with the side issues caused by the viral infection people in the past just can't always pull it out. My Grandfather died of pneumonia. He was 37 in the prime of life in great shape. He had a cold and refereed a bi-district football game in the rain. 10 days later he was dead. At the time there was just nothing that could be done for pneumonia except try to treat the symptoms. 2 years after his death sulfa drugs were discovered an probably would have saved him.

    The thing is that there have been a lot of "plagues" in the years since the advent of effective drugs that came out beginning in the 1930s. We commonly survive many things that were a death sentence before that time. One of the reason the world population has grown so large is that so many of us survive things that would have killed our grandparents. I remember polio and had friends with it. My Mother survived smallpox her sister died of yellow fever. Kids now don't even have to deal with measles or mumps and whooping cough.

    Sooner or later a viral infection is going to come along that will be bad enough to weaken our ability to deal with the bacterial infections that are everywhere. We as a people are poorly prepared for this in medical, mental or physical strengths and abilities. Our natural immune systems have been replaced with externally administered medicines and have grown weak. We are no longer prepared for the sort of mass illnesses that we common not long ago and people nowadays have never had to deal with the sort of mental trauma that this sort of thing causes.

    My wife and I are on the mend now but both of us are weak as kittens. I will have to work hard for a while just doing ordinary things like going to the grocery store.

    Side note... The stores here have now got online grocery shopping and it has been a real lifesaver. You make your grocery list shot it online and pay online then just drive by and they load it in your car for you. We have kept Campbells soup running thanks to the ease of picking up like this. The good thing about this also is that we didn't have to go in and spread our germs to others. End side note...

    One thing that we will beef up over the next few month will be our stores of antibiotics. I already have some but will add to it in both variety and volume.
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