Distributing Bottled Water; Recall The "horseshoe Nail".

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    Good morning all,

    It's a nice, feel-good story. Thry all got together and distributed water.

    Some of us remember the story about the kingdom at risk of loss because of the lack of a horseshoe nail.

    Well, th results are in. The word "holistic" is the new term for "overall" like in "overall preparedness".

    Just look at the payrolls and the construction contracts.


    It's also nice, feel-good to see pictures of small groups giving out food.

    Only here at MSF.com can I say that, even with a few exceptions, VOLUNTEER fire and rescue squads have morphed into socialism for the rich and free enterprise for the poor. If someone can purchase a mortgaged house, they can PAY for fire and rescue protection. Volunteers are to augment: not replace the responders.
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