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Discussion in 'Other DIY' started by Aneye4theshot, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Surviving any situation can be frustrating however if you are prepared, the chances of you having a successful survival experience is better. One the necessities when it comes to survival is the ability to eat. Eating food is something that everybody does on a daily basis. The body will require calories and nourishment in order to sustain daily activities. In any survival situation, the ability to cook and prepare your food is important. In certain situations however, your normal ability to go into the kitchen or throw some food on the grill might not be something that applies to you. Should you end up needing to cook but have no cooking utensils never fear there are some things you can do.
    The basic and one of an essential cooking tools in any emergency situation is the stick. A stick can be used to poke, flip, and stir food amongst many other things. Flat pieces of bark act as great spatulas while you can also fashion just about any common kitchen utensil out of wood. Seashells also make for great spoons should you be near a salt water lake or an ocean. Upcycling debris is another great way to develop your own cooking utensils. Common things such as spoons and forks, plates and bowls, and cups will not be obtainable to everyone. Some people will have to improvise and make these items on their own. Researching ahead and knowing some ideas on how to do this will help you should the situation happen to you. There are many books, videos, and tutorials you can watch nowadays that will show you great ideas on do-it-yourself items made from recycled, up-cycled, and natural materials.
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    Agreed, all you really need is a billy/kettle, all meat can be cooked in front of the fire.
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    Good day, Aneye4theshot: I agree with your DIY cooking utenisils a 100%, because I love coming up with creative and unique cooking devices when cooking in the wild or camping out, because I love to test my survival tips and tricks and using a stick and/or tree bark and grass are m major DIY cooking utensils!
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