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    When it comes to do it yourself fishing gear there is an abundance in styles, methods, and techniques that you can apply to helping you catch some tasty fish to eat. One of the oldest ways of catching fish when you are around shallow rivers and streams is by spear. A spear can be constructed out of any long stick. It does not have to be perfect like many think where it has a pencil tip. Instead by making spears that are split or have 2 points you will allow yourself a better chance of keeping the fish you are after on the end of your spear. You may also craft your own nets that can be used to catch fish. Fishing poles or fishing rods can be made from bottles, sticks, and many other items. They do not have to be long like your typical fisherman's fisherman pole. A hook can be fashioned out of any thin piece of metal such as a paperclip or other similar item. With a little bit of filing, a sharp point can be put onto this that could be placed on the end of the string to be baited in order to catch fish as well.
    Trotlines are easy to set up. If you have fishing lines, and hooks all you have to do is find bushes and trees that are growing low to the ground near a river bank or stream bed. Bait your line and toss it into the water and tie the remaining line off to nearby tree branches. If you are sitting back and just watching the tree branches on the lake or river bed when you start to notice them moving back and forth, that means you have fish on the line. Fish are also often attracted to shiny things. This means shiny pieces of lightweight material can be used in order to help bait or attract your fish. By knowing some of the simple techniques and reading others, you can help to prepare yourself should a situation occur when you need to fish for food. This is a great source of protein and can sustain anyone who has the skills to acquire this delicious and relatively easy to clean protein.
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    Fishing will be way too dangerous, same as traplines etc!
    it fixes your location making you easier prey than what you are trying to catch!
    You might get away with a few very local rabbit snares but that's about it!
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    I've made fishing nets out of palm fronts and vines before. It did take some time since I had to do a lot of weaving, but it worked and was easy enough to make. I haven't attempted to make anything for a fishing pole, but there are plenty of useful items that will help in lieu of it if needed.
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    Small screw in eyelets in a packet take a whippie study stick screw eyelets into stick the length of stick tie line on to thickest end of stick after runnig line down threw eyelets instant fishing pole
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    I guess im a master fishingman ive been fishin all my life i tie flies make lures spinners and crankbaits a thing of hooks a spool of line and a small thing of weights is all you need a small fishing outfit cost under twenty bucks anyday a great add to a kit
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