Diy Pharmaceutical Compounding

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    DIY pharmaceutical compounding information from the World Health Organization, intended for use at the village clinic level in turd world countries but applicable for SHTF use.

    I found this one a couple years ago, Small-Scale Preparation of Eye Drops, the povidone iodine eye drops are easy to prepare and many preppers already have the ingredients / supplies, especially if you're already making your own tinctures. I already had everything except for the eye-drop bottles to hold it, $5 at Amazon iirc. At a stronger concentration they can be used for outer/middle ear infections too. Povidone iodine has wide antimicrobial activity against many bacteria, viruses, and fungi and few contraindications.

    This one describes how to prepare a number of ointments/creams for treating skin diseases or parasitic infections. Dermatological Preparations for the Tropics. Many of the active ingredients are available without a prescription in raw chemical form online and for less cost than commercial products. The unmixed ingredients generally last longer in storage than the commercially prepared ointments which break down or degrade over time, so less cost to rotate and replace expired ones, just prepare them as needed after the SHTF.

    Anyone else making their own compounds/tinctures? If so what are you making, how do you do it, and what does it treat?
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