Diy Power Source(buy Blueprint+tutorial)

Discussion in 'Other DIY' started by Noxictimes, Jul 31, 2018.

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    Hi. I do prefer solar systems .. but in the winter it can be insufficient with a small sized panel. A while ago i came across this mini powerplant. That can be made handmade diy. The cost to make is about 50 to 120 dollars it depends where you buy the necessities. In this next link you can read his story and you can buy the blueprint inclusive step by step tutorial how you build it.
    It is really worthwhile and it is quite easy to make if you follow the steps and the energy storage is awesome.

    I really love to see you guys reaction about this machine. I am pretty pleased about it.
  2. Keith H.

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    Too much yap, this is the sort of talk you get from con men selling fictitious products, so I turned it off.
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  3. Oldguy

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    What a load! Designed to suck money out of idiots, get back to us when you have had yours set up and running for a year or two.
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