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    If you are ever in need of vinegar, whether for food or cleaning, here is an easy to follow way to make some. If you happen to have a bottle of wine you done like lying around (unlikely in my house, ALL wine is good) you can turn it into vinegar. You want to find a bottled neck container, and add Apple Cider Vinegar 'With the Mother'; make sure you get some of that 'mother' in there. After that, you will fill the container with the wine until you get to bottom part of the neck area of the bottle. Then take a paper towel and secure it to the top of the container with a rubber band. Place this mixture in a darken area that stays between 70 and 80 degrees. Finally, after a month, you will want to taste it to see where it is at. I have also been told that you can wait to see if a glob (aka 'the mother') has been created . This usually forms around the top of the bottle, then floats to the bottom when its dying. You can either discard 'the mother' or keep filling the container with more wine, and that glob will continuously make vinegar for you.
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