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    Sometimes when you are in a survival situation, it happened due to unfortunate circumstances. You may be expecting help to look for you, and hopefully, they will find you. Sometimes finding a person or a few individuals may be harder than one might think. The best way to ensure that you are found in an emergency situation is by helping people who may be looking for you as much as possible. Making yourself as known as you can may sound easier than it actually is. Obviously, you are not going to sit there screaming 24 hours a day because you would lose consciousness. One of the first and most easy ways to be detected that just about anybody is capable of doing is by starting a fire. Starting a fire that is rich in smoke will allow for a visual signal that may lead to you being found. Also by walking the area where you are on a regular basis and putting man-made markings should somebody walk close to where you are they may notice these markings recognizing they were made by people and intensify the search in that area leading to you being found. Climbing to the top of trees and tying bright pieces of fabric to them as well is another idea that helps with visual aid when air rescue is looking for you.
    Spelling out help and other words with large items such as sticks and rocks can help pinpoint where you are through aerial surveillance as well. Knowing as many ways to get found as possible can help you should you end up in an emergency situation where you do not want to remain hidden. Making noise by banging items together or creating loud wind chimes that would dangle and make clattering noise is also a way to be discovered. Basically, anything you can do to stand out in the environment you are in will help the process of finding you and your need to be found. Sitting there and doing nothing is the worst thing you can do. Staying in one general location, however, is very smart. Should you be lost and needing to be found it is easier for people to do this when they do not have to bounce from place to place following clues to try to determine your location. Set up a base camp and make as many visual aids as possible to help in your rescue.
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