Do any of you here practice your survivalist skills?

Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by ProNine, May 23, 2016.

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    I know everyone here talks about all the different ways they prepare for when a disaster might strike. However, I honestly feel like preparation is merely half the battle, and much relies on actually being able to go out there and actually fend for yourself. This leads me to wonder, do you all practice any of your survivalist skills in any way possible? Whether it be through simply going out and identifying edible plants, starting a fire, crafting tools and being able to use them, etc..
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    Well, I'm currently quite aware of my local surroundings, and thus I'm able to identify the flora and fauna fairly well. I can recognize which local tree's branches and twigs are good to make a bonfire. And I have aditional petrol canisters and water tanks just in case. The only thing that I need right now to be somewhat prepared for a disaster, is a diesel power generator or photovoltaic cells.
  3. Arkane

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    Most survival skills I practice on a regular to semi regular basis!
    I shoot once a month at the least, I hunt once a year at least usually 4-5 times a year!
    With the hunting there all the skills that go with the camping out bit!
    With getting old I make a few consessions, I now sleep on a raised camp bed not on the floor!
    and no longer use a sleeping bag or zip up tent! as it takes too long to get up and out to take a pee!
    a small consession to a now weak bladder! (cancer)
    For the oldies out there or those with iffy backs and legs you can build a good little cooking fire on the top of a metal or plastic drum!
    Just pile a couple inches of dirt on the top and build fire as normal on the dirt! you can tend fire and cooking standing upright!
    If it is a plastic drum keep the dirt thick and the fire small!

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