Do Any Survival/bushcraft Books Teach How To Make Clothes?

Discussion in 'Other Homesteading' started by NoExcuses, Apr 19, 2020.

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  1. NoExcuses

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    Do any survival books teach how to make clothes from small animals? Bushcraft 101 probably does, but I hear that it is not well illustrated. I would like a book with illustrations.
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  2. Sourdough

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    Please go to introductions........and tell us just a little about yourself.

    Your not likely to get much response to threads like this, and it is not something you should take personal. It is not personal.

    We welcome you to this forum.......and encourage you to jump into conversations. Just don't feel ignored if we don't jump into "How to make clothing" questions.

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  3. NoExcuses

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    Thanks for that.

    While you were busy prepping, I was busy trying to get rich, so that I'd have money to prep (and to live a little.) Then just as I was beginning to gain traction, we get this catastropic SHTF scenario. I knew it was coming, I just took too long to succeed at my goals.

    I can't find any info via a Google search if the SAS book even covers making clothing or not. I noticed that these survival manuals tend to assume that you have rope, or duct tape with you, etc.. Blah...
  4. Morgan101

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    I seriously doubt you will find anything about making clothes in a Bushcraft book. None of the books I have go into that kind of detail.

    There are a million websites that have patterns and instructions for sewing clothes. You can build your own library with a little research. If you plan to use animal skins I would suggest you learn how to cure them properly to be able to use them to make leather.
  5. randyt

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    rustic clothes are not really hard to make, take what ever clothing you're currently wearing, let's say it's wearing out. Cut the stitches and lay the pieces out on new material and mark. Cut out and sew, whip stitch would probably be fine. Maybe leave the seams out as not to rub on the skin. These will not win a fashion show. Thee are other rustic clothing, for instance a poncho made from a wool blanket or a piece of canvas with a head hole, add a belt around the waist to keep things tucked in.
    Then there is the match coat which is basically a method for wearing a blanket with out a head hole.

    Socks can fashioned from a cased skin rabbit hide turned fur side in. They wont last long but will work for a bit. Another sock used by eastern Europeans and Russians is the puchenka (that is not spelled correctly lol) basically it is a strip of cloth much like a ace bandage but not really stretchy and a bit wider. There is a method the cloth is wrapped on the foot.
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  6. NoExcuses

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    I found a book that talks about making clothes! It's called: "The Outdoor Survival Handbook" by Anthonio Akkermans.

    There are 3 pages on the topic, with lots of photos.
  7. Pragmatist

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    Good morning No Excuses,

    I don't have the book. Are shirt buttons made from rolled rawhide strips or wood-carved buttons ?

    I've got a manual here on celestial navigation in extreme cold weather locations. Couldn't use the instruments because it was too cold. The manual didn't discuss this. Gloves stay on paws until returning to well-heated Quonset hut.
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