Do-It-Yourself Bio Water Filtration System

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    The power has long been out in the city. Marauders have been making their way through the reserves. Your rations are diminishing and you have only one water bottle left. You're sitting and wondering what you could possibly do next; how you could possibly parch this thirst that's slowly beginning to dry you out like a raisin. It's looking like the end is near, but what now?

    Any average citizen would likely be at a loss, but luckily for you, you are not the average citizen. My Survival Forum presents you with a do-it-yourself water filtration system that will come in handy when your water rations are running low and your chances of survival are looking slim.

    Items Required

    • Gravel

    • Sand

    • Activated charcoal/carbon

    • Five gallon buckets (food-grade)

    • Screen material

    • Plastic plumbing fittings

    • Hole saw

    • Cut holes into the bottom center of the first two buckets. Make sure they are the same diameter as the threaded area of the plumbing fitting that you intend to push through

    • Cut a same sized-hole right above the bottom into a third bucket

    • Stretch a fiber-glass screen over the fitting. Attach with a rubber band, glue or O-ring (glue is preferable). To protect the screen from the heaviness of the materials, create some kind of cover using plastic cups (drill holes into the sides of them and glue it upside-down over the fitting)

    • Insert the fittings into these holes and attach them. When working on the third bucket with the side-hole, you may want to attach a valve or some other type of water output mechanism to direct the flow of your filtered water into your "drinking" container/bucket

    • Cut holes into the middle of lids of the original two buckets (tightness is not required, just be sure to be able to stack them)

    • Rinse your buckets thoroughly (to the point that where you can add gravel sand and charcoal without any clouding or fogging)

    • Fill each bucket two-thirds (or three-quarters) of the way with the required materials, starting with gravel and ending with charcoal in the side-hole bucket. Continue by filling the second bucket with sand and placing it on top. Finish with the first bucket of gravel stacked on the top.

    How It Works

    The gravel, sand and activated charcoal all form separate filtration systems within your five-gallon buckets, with each layer removing different things. For example, gravel removes the larger pieces of dirty and gunk from the water (like sticks, insects, leaves, etc), while the sand removes the smaller pieces of debris and matter that managed to squeeze through the gravel. The most effective layer, the activated charcoal, removes (what it can of) the remaining bacteria and chemicals.

    The charcoal is activated when air is blown through it, opening tiny pores and holes into its surface. These holes capture bacteria and absorb chemicals incredibly easily. Additionally, the holes also increase the surface area which is what essentially makes it so effective in binding to chemicals and capturing the germs. This type of bio-filtration has been used around the world and is very similar to the type of filtration used in sewage-treatment plants. While it may not eliminate every single pathogen or chemical that comes into contact with you water, it will take care of the worst of them, leaving your immune system to take care of the rest.
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