Do You See The Spiritual Side Of Nature?

Discussion in 'The Hangout' started by Denis_P, Jun 29, 2017.

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  1. Denis_P

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    Some of us here on this forum may be religious, while others might not. However, when I use the term "spiritual" I'm not exactly referring to it in the religious sense. I'm speaking more in terms of the essence, the fundamental being of nature and your connection to it.

    Some people walk into a forest and think to themselves, "Great, a bunch of trees. What of it?" However, others like myself enter a forest and find themselves at peace with the world. You feel at home among the trees, and you feel any burdens on your spirit are lifted. It's always a refreshing experience for me when I'm feeling stressed. Nature is the perfect medicine.

    How do you feel about nature and spending time in forests? Do you feel that you have a deeper connection with it or simply admire it from a distance?
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  2. kgord

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    Yes, I do. I feel close to God in nature. This is one of the things that I think most people find comforting when they go out. It is peaceful and quiet to be in nature and it is easier to feel in harmony with your surroundings.
  3. PedroP

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    Very much so. My spiritual mentor taught me that energy is present all around us. The less a substance has been manipulated by men the more energy it contains, it's more "pure". In that sense nature, itself it's a big energy pool. Hence why some people spend time in nature and find themselves in contact with a higher being. I plan on starting a blog about that very soon.
  4. Keith H.

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    I belong in a forest, when I am outside in the forest I am a part of it just like any other animal. Trees can communicate with each other, some perhaps more than others, & in Africa there are trees that communicate to other trees that animals are coming that will eat their foliage & so the other trees change the content of their foliage to make the leaves unpalatable. Trees are very special to me, as are the fauna & other flora that live in our forest. Occasionally I have had some interaction/communication with other animals & this too is very special to me. If I could be said to have any religion, then I would say it is the feeling I get when I am in the forest.
  5. Deathisue

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    It is complicated, sometimes I see it but I feel it is a chain with no end, a cycle, it is the calm before the storm a place that before our eyes is very calm and silent, but as we go deeper and deeper we discover its true face and everything Beautiful and terrible that can be.
  6. Jameson

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    Nature has equal significance as human beings. This is because we are all products of creation.This means that everything originated from the Creator,and thus, everything is connected.This explains why a simple walk in the outdoors filled with trees and fresh air can easily relieve one from stress and the many pressures of life.
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