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    Good afternoon all,

    Per ...

    Article mentions the "liberalized" CDC testing criteria. Less the specific Wuhan virus pandemic, there have been criteria to allow for "liberalized" criteria in emergency health care ... not just the testing.

    I am immune from banknote infections. Haven't seen any real money since Hill became First Lady.

    There's a link for information on the Doctors For Disaster Preparedness site at bottom of article.


    The comment by "Mr Right" is not right. The US companies that relocated offshore had at least 3 main reasons to pack up:

    1. the out of control labor costs.
    2. the too-expensive regulatory apparatus
    3. the US legal system's liability awards

    Add the US Government's political requirement to nullify the US trade partners.

    It wasn't just Boeing and Cat Tractor going to China. We lost Flying Tiger Lines to Japan and ARAMCO to that tribe in Saudi. Don't ask me why Chrysler, Lockheed and the city government of New York City nearly went bankrupt in 1975...until bailed out by taxpayers.

    Do note that I did not insult Mr Right. He just doesn't know.


    Prep, prep, prep
    factor in safety
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