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    this software in available FREE for Windows, OS X, and Linux (all versions)
    the software is wget.
    it is command line (text only, no buttons to click)
    simply enter
    wget -r -A.pdf
    total it is just shy of 15gb, so expect it to take a while, even if you have a fast connection, expect a couple hours.
    maybe best to start before bed.
    Files will be saved in your Home folder.
    that "code" is for pdfs' but it can be used for pictures, movies, documents, etc, as well all entire websites can be saved with wget.
    another tip.
    on ebay buy a Nook Simple Touch (approx $20), that is an e-reader, black and white, with a slot for Micro-SD, so you can put everything on a card, the Nook Simple Touch (NST), can be hacked to be used as a tablet, internet, email, etc-although crappy by any standards.
    the main benefit of this device is 2 month + battery life when being used, and it can be charged with a solar charger.
    100% off grid library for everything from making batteries to complex surgery in the field, and everything in between!
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    Just got around to it and it says the site has been suspended. :/
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