Drinking Water That Isn't Pure

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    This is probably not going to be popular but it may be something you need to consider. The thing that you have to realize is that animals of all kinds and sorts get by and have always survived drinking whatever water is available. Now, what do they have that people don't?

    They survive in part because they have always done it that way. No matter where you live there are going a lot bacteria that are native to that area. These are not deadly but they will give you the trots and make you feel like crap for a day or two. The thing is that most of them will not be a problem for you the next time you encounter them. This sort of thing is where we come up with the famous "Montezuma's Revenge." It's not that the water in Mexico is so much unclean as it is that the bacteria native to that area are different from the ones we are used to.

    In a survival situation the last thing that you want is to be sick. What I do is simple and gives me no problems. I drink out of puddles after a rain. I also don't use any kind of poison in my garden an will eat things right off the vine or like radishes I'll just rub the dirt off, trim the roots and stalks and eat it on the spot. When I was a kid I had allergies. The doctor put me on allergy shots but he also told my Mama to back off on the cleanliness is next to godliness thing and let me be a normal dirty kid.

    Guess what? I went from a sickly. but VERY cleanly, kid to a very healthy kid over a period of about 6 months to a year. I'm in my 60's now and am still a very healthy person. In part this is because I still follow that old doctors advice. I don't wash my hands before I eat every time. I do drink out of puddles and spring fed streams near their source. I do eat raw vegetation without taking it in the house and washing it first.

    I'm not encouraging you to drink stagnant water or water from a river lake or stream that you aren;t sure of its origins. All that I'm saying is that it will be a great advantage to you in a survival situation if your body is familiar with the simple bacteria in the area where you live. Think for a moment. Will you have enough sterilized water to wash your hands constantly? Will you have clean water to wash your gathers foods. Just exactly how clean will you be if you are sleeping on the ground and don't get to have a bath every day? Even in your BOL, cleaned water will be precious and you will be happy to bathe in a river that you might not drink out of. But when you do, you WILL be getting a dose of the local bacteria and if you are not used to them they will bite you in the butt.

    I know people that won't swim in the lakes or rivers around here or even in a pond. If things get bad they are going to be sick for a long time and if they don't have people willing to take care of them they may not make it. dysentery can be deadly. When food is scares and clean water is hard to come by you REALLY don't want to waste it having raging diarrhea.

    Just something to think about. If you are going to be a little sick would you rather it be now or while you are trying to survive a disaster?
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    The body has a way of adjusting its immune system to cope with germs. In a perfect environment, the body,s immune system would be caught flat footed by a virulent disease. One way of drinking dirty water is called filter as you drink. You use a fine meshed cloth to drink the water.
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    Pardon me but I think it depends on the physiology of the person. My husband for example has a weak stomach that he easily develops loose bowel movement when he had eaten food that is hard to digest like corn or overripe watermelon. With dirty water, it's the same case with him. But for me, I guess I have a stronger stomach. I understand your concept of getting used to dirt. We have been comparing the children of wealthy families and poor families. Often, the rich children get sick faster than the poor children who seem to be used with dirty clothes and dirty surrounding. But then again, it will depend on the constituency of the body so it is a case to case basis.
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    The water that I drink from puddles is crystal clear. I just want to get a little of the dirt so it acts like allergy shots. Kids that play outside and get dirty are doing this on a regular basis. Kids that live inside playing video games and never getting dirty end up sick when they go to school and meet all of the other little germ carrying urchins. THEN they bring it home and give it to their oh so clean parents and the entire family is sick.

    Your husband will still benefit from a little dirt here and there. If you ever have to bug out you don't want him to be sick any more than he has to be. There is a difference between diarrhea and being sick. I am prone to that myself because of gastric bypass surgery that I had about 15 years ago.
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    There is a truth behind this, because if your body is immune to some sorts of bacteria, the bacteria won't cause any more reactions to your body.
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    I think if you drink the water nearby the mines or say near the mountain area which has some minerals. That can be bad for your kidney. I have seen that in such context, you'd not be feeling good. So make sure you know which water you are drinking. There are some water purifier out there which you can carry for travel. And that can be a good option for you to take on while you are out. I have made use of those locally.
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    I think what you're describing is a little bit of conformation bias. You don't see the animals that die drinking the stagnant water. Also in our modern world the water is incredibly contaminated if it hasn't been treated. Moreso if it is a total collapse scenario.

    The same sort of thing can be observed everywhere. Famously in WW2 the navy wanted to reinforce areas that had the most holes in the plane as they were supposedly the areas that get hit the most. However, it turns out that they were reinforcing the most non-critical parts of the plane. The areas where the bullets hit were the areas where the plane can survive. The areas that were left alone were areas that if shot, would be fatal to the plane.

    Anyways, went a bit off topic. Moral of the story, it probably kills them or makes them ill.
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