During A Chaotic Situation, Beg For Compassion

Discussion in 'Mental Preparedness' started by Corzhens, Jun 30, 2017.

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    We call it “paawa” in our language which means you are begging for pity or compassion but in a subtle way. When a war breaks out, to each his own will be the order of the day. Rioting and looting are most probable to occur. And people become naturally antagonistic because survival is at stake. So that leaves you where? If you can stay by the sidelines and keep your cool, everything will stabilize. When someone looks at you, show a morose face as if you are dying of hunger and fear. Sooner or later, someone will toss at you something to eat. That stance of begging for compassion was based on the studies of war victims in Syria.
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    I think being mindful about other peoples situation is definitely some skill. And the more people focus on other peoples life they end up doing some things which hurts others. So during the bad days, you can't expect all people to act nicely. That never works out if we assume what other people can think of there. I am practicing empathy wherever possible. It keeps me sane that way.
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