Dyi Blood Pressure Medicine?

Discussion in 'First Aid and Medicine' started by Schattentarn, Jul 13, 2019.

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    We are in our early 70s and take blood pressure medication. Insurance will not allow us to stock up so this is a huge hole in our prepping ability.

    Does anyone know something about preparing and alternative blood pressure medicine?
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    Have you tried discussing it with your Dr.? Explaining you'd like to have and rotate an extra 30 days worth doesn't seem unreasonable, and (s)he may even have free samples obtained from drug company reps. Another option, depending on your relationship/history with the Dr., might be to ask about a prescription for a double strength version of your current med with the agreement you will break each into halves so you get your normal dose. A couple months of doing this and you'd have a nice stockpile.

    Overseas pharmacies are another option, alldaychemist.com is one I've dealt with and not had a problem. No prescription required, but they don't take insurance (or credit cards) so you'd have to pay by check.

    As an emergency backup plan, might look for OTC drugs that lower BP as a side effect or have been prescribed off-label by Dr's for high BP in the past. Meclizine (the drug in one form of Dramamine for motion sickness) can cause hypotension in some people as example, an article by Dr. Cindy Koelker mentions it:

    Caution is advised, you should do your own research and then ask a physician (or your pharmacist) for advice. In some SHTF situations it may still be possible to talk with a Dr even if the pharmacy can't fill your regular medication (like Venezuela), so having a small stockpile of other meds that can cause hypotension might make sense, and let a Dr decide which would be best and the dosage.
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    +100% to what GateCrasher said.

    I am one of the fortunate ones who was able to bring down chronically high blood pressure down to perfectly normal with dietary and herbal measures.

    Yet a friend of mine was not able to control her BP using the very same protocol. She and her doctor are struggling to keep it out of stroke-city range with pharmaceuticals.

    On the other hand, if your diet and lifestyle promote high blood pressure and other cardiac/circulatory disorders, some drastic changes may prove beneficial.

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