Early Saturday Portland Rioting Report

Discussion in 'News, Current Events, and Politics' started by Pragmatist, Jul 25, 2020.

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  1. Pragmatist

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    Good morning all,

    Per ...

    Don't know type of drums used. Perhaps both bongos and snair.

    My view that even better than Federal leaf blowers is a helo, drone or original, spraying tear gas and rotors pushing gas downward. It's been successfully used before in olden days.

    Constitutional law professor Dorf is not familiar with Federal Court Houses.

    There is a clear enough difference between protesting and rioting. Since various efforts against the Court House appear to induce changing political policy, my view is that some of this rioting is domestic terrorism.

    Let's ask the Cornell professor if - any - damage to Court House fence relates to a protest.
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  2. lonewolf

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    saw this on lunchtime news today, clouds of tear gas smoke drifting about.
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  3. poltiregist

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    Someone needs to start getting massive amounts of uniforms ready for the Civil War outbreak in 2021 . I wonder if this could be an investment opportunity , in the selling of uniforms for both sides . I might would consider playing both sides and making money from various militas . After all the conservatives would quickly slaughter the communist so the window of opportunity would be narrow .
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  4. Old Geezer

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    At some point, some suburbanite, some store owner, fill in the blank, is going to open-up on these arsonists/rioters/protesters/revolutionaries with repeating arms fire. It is also possible for a right-wing crew to come in and begin slaughtering them. When this happens, the Left will see its moment and escalate the violence and the propaganda. The spiral into true chaos will be born at some point. The civil tornado will touch down and stay on the ground. It will not be a cornfield and a barn destroyed, but the cities. We haven't seen anything yet. What we are now witnessing is still in the early beginnings.
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  5. Old Geezer

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    The cops seem to have thrown up their hands. Without support from the city council and having been banned from using the only techniques that semi-work, the folk in blue have said farewell to you. Portland people, have fun interacting with the damned.


    All of the following is a cut'n'paste from the above link:

    The Seattle Police Department announced on Friday that residents and business owners are essentially on their own, after the City Council banned the use of pepper spray and other 'less lethal tools' to disperse crowds.

    "Simply put, the legislation gives officers NO ability to safely intercede to preserve property in the midst of a large, violent crowd," reads a letter from Seattle Chief of Police, Carmen Best - who added that thanks to the City Council, "Seattle Police will have an adjusted deployment in response to any demonstrations this weekend."

    The Seattle police chief is sending out letters telling residents: "We cannot enforce the law. You are on your own." pic.twitter.com/89jyezSBMS

    — Christopher F. Rufo (@realchrisrufo) July 25, 2020

    Nationwide coordination

    The Portland-based Pacific Northwest (PNW) Youth Liberation Front - which describes itself as a "decentralized network of autonomous youth collectives dedicated to direct action towards total liberation," has issued a call to action for other Antifa cells across the country on Saturday - calling it "J25" (July 25).

    In a Facebook 'call to action,' the anarchist group writes:

    The Federal Government has already waged war against Portland, which has been protesting everyday for 50 days straight, and now feds are going to war against protesters everywhere in an attempt to take control and snuff out the fire of this uprising. We must become more powerful than them.

    Form an affinity group.

    Coordinate an action.

    Get tactical.

    Mask up.

    Bring a friend.

    Show up.

    -PNW Youth Liberation Front.
    -Marin Youth Liberation Front.
    -Tennessee Youth Liberation Front.
    -Direct Action Alliance.
    -Maryland Youth Liberation Front.
    -Olympia Youth Liberation Front

    •Oakland action: 7:30pm, Grant Oscar Plaza.
    •Tacoma action: July 24th, 2pm, tollefson plaza.
    •Seattle: July 25th, 1pm, Pine and Broadway.
    •Portland: July 25th, 8pm, Alberta Park.
    •Salem: 6pm, Oregon State Capitol.
    •New Jersey: at Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 12, 6pm.
    •Washington DC: DuPoint circle, 6pm.
    •Eugene, OR: 8:00pm, federal courthouse.
    •Los Angeles: 4:30pm, LA city hall.
    •Richmond, VA: July, 25th, location TBD.
    •Las Vegas: Bellagio fountains, 7pm.

    Stand in solidarity with #Portland on #J25.
    -Form an affinity group.
    -Coordinate am action.
    -Challenge the police state.
    -Don’t back down.#ACAB #PortlandProtest #PortlandMoms #BlackLivesMatter. pic.twitter.com/ub7EqoYiPF

    — PNW Youth Liberation Front (@PNWYLF) July 20, 2020

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  6. BSHJ

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    Ahh ... the joys of youth......where shall we go set fires tonight?
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  7. TexDanm

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    Can you blame them? The Idiots in Seatle City Council passed an ordinance forbidding Cops from using Tear Gas or other non-lethal things like rubber bullets. Fortunately, a Federal Judge stepped in and slapped that down. But the fact that they passed it has to make the cops feel all warm and fuzzy.

    You know if one of them gets shot at and shoots back and kills the shooter that they are going to hang him out to dry and probably prosecute him. They will say that since he wasn't hit that he can't claim to be defending himself. This has already happened in one city.

    the cops need to give it up and just refuse to go into the places where the rioters are fighting and burning this. the rioters are mostly criminals just stealing stuff. If the cops pull out they will start killing each other and that is all good. The silly white liberals will be easy targets and if they get killed that is also very good.

    Take a look at Portland, Seatle, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia, and NYC and you are looking at what the Liberal Democrats what to bring to the ENTIRE NATION. If you vote for that Demented idiot that they are running you will deserve it when the rioter finds your home. It is coming, they are eventually going to burn out the stores and then move into the middle-class neighborhoods. If elected The liberals are going to destroy the nation if they can and institute a socialist system similar to Lenin and Stalin's and that will be the end.

    If the liberal try to move the riots out of the liberal North there won't be an election in November. Riots in places where White people are still free and can own and use their guns will wipe out the rioters in a single day. Unfortunately once that starts it may not end with just the rioters.

    Some states are about ready to split. I have friends in Southern Illinois and they are sick and tired of being ruled by Chicago. These are miners and not at all liberal but the population in the Northern part far outnumber them and it is like they have no rights. The same is true in California. It splits both north-south and east-west.

    The next civil war is going to be more Big City urban versus Rural and suburban people. The idiots in the Big ant piles don't understand who feeds them, provides their fuel, and does the heavy work. the factories used to be in those places but that is no more. What manufacturing hasn't left the country has at least moved out into places without the huge tax burden on the liberal places. the Megacities are already beginning to rot as their industries leave.

    I am biased. I admit it. I considered my home town way to big and it was only just over 110 thousand. Nonetheless, it became another liberal piss hole where Whites had no rights and White flight made it a thousand times worse. Now it is in Bankruptcy, the school system is bankrupt and about to lose its certification and has been taken over by the feds. They went broke when the Black Mayor talked the mostly black and liberal city council into investing several million dollars in his cousin's hotdog stand business in Miami. After a 4 million dollar investment, it went bankrupt in 9 months. The Cousin has now left the country...
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  8. Old Geezer

    Old Geezer Legendary Survivalist

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    "Can you blame them?"

    No, hell no, I don't blame them. I'm a man with no patience. Got that from Dad.

    For the life of me, it's beyond me, it's a testament of blue unimaginable patience that they've put up with that which they've put up with.

    I couldn't be a cop -- not just that my Dad's lot were on the other side of the law. I wouldn't couldn't take that crap. Were I a cop, I'd be looking at serious serious time. I'd have gone mega Old Testament on these sh## "protesters" a long time ago.

    Day before yesterday, saw vid of cops protecting a monument and the scum had them surrounded and were tossing COMMERCIAL fireworks/explosives at the uniforms. (Cops were on an elevated part of this memorial and had a tiny wall separating them from the bad genetics.) F### that! And the cops were NOT properly outfitted for the task. Hell, I've got old helmets and an ancient (oh God dirty) flack jacket. Since I'm a dead man, I've thought about what I'd go give the blue line should they need it. (New BP med doing better job w/my pressure. Getting P.O.-ed at this bit of "social progress" doesn't help.)

    I'm glad that urban police are quitting. I'm glad that sheriff departments are telling their state capitals where they can stick it. The two Americas are dividing up much more rapidly than I thought they would. Obviously when the Western economies tank, that'll be it. I know that in our Heartland, we'll circle the wagons. When the Euro dies, it will be fascinating watching what they will do. Wishing Austria and Hungary good luck. They are standing up to the corrupters of civilization -- they have the smarts to build back.

    Oh well. I got to live to watch God's retribution begin. Gonna get unimaginably worse, but I got to see the cities begin to suffer for their sins, their turning away from all things Divine. The portentous dreams are returning. Synchronicities also. One recent dream-vision of future occurrence got confirmed 2x this past week (often they have three confirmations; the third could be very bad, the first two were not; God, thank you!, that was enough, let's forgo #3, what's say); wife was a bit taken-aback, but not by much, she knows about the dreams I am given. I give praise to my Creator and His servants beyond for whatever help they've been providing us. Has been good for my heart and all; really, really good. I pray for the innocents living too close to the festivities. Hope they will be able to get out of there and leave behind the baby-murderers, sodomites, and God-haters to be condemned to the flames. There must come a Cleansing. All God-fearing knew this thing.

    Time for sleep. Hope the recent storm brought you no loss, down there next to the Gulf.
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