"earthquake Day" 15 October ...next Week

Discussion in 'Safety' started by Pragmatist, Oct 6, 2020.

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  1. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon all,

    It's a training session for earthquakes.

    Recommend surf around above link.

    We Forum Members know the basics but it helps for the kids to learn about this stuff.

    Those big glass windows are just not that glamorous during an earthquake.

    The big pendulum clock ... with mouse running on it as per the story or rhyme ... if it's not secured to the wall, it's like a boulder arriving at one's precious body.

    From memory - I didn't review the above link as yet - the requirement in case of a real earthquake is to:

    1. Drop to the floor
    2. Get a cover such as a sturdy table or heavy chair
    3. Hold on to above.

    A few years ago the exercise site - Don't remember if it was called "Shakeout" - said of those in old age homes who are wheelchair bound to place a large coffee-table book over head for protection. I wrote to the proponent of this statement and suggested that instead of a big book to place on head, place a hard hat on head. They are inexpensive enough and can be kept in the chair's large pouch.
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  2. varuna

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    Try living at any of the Spice Islands. Earthquakes are so routine its no longer news worthy. There's even so many blips on my screen (indicating ongoing earthquakes from monitoring stations all across the nation) that I no longer paid any attention
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  3. lonewolf

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    dont really get earthquakes as such in Britain, the ones we do get are so low on the scale they dont really get noticed, we dont get them in my county because of the underlying rock structure.
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  4. Alaskajohn

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    I have a little PTSD from the two 7 plus earthquakes we have had in Alaska over a 4 year period. We feel earthquakes on a monthly basis around here and I always get a brief moment of recollection of the two big ones with each little shake. I did sleep through the 4 plus earthquake last night.

    With any disaster, water, food, shelter and medical supplies need to be in order for Earthquakes.
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  5. Old Geezer

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    Glad you started this thread. Really. We need to be paying attention to other threats other than what is on the news. Seems we individuals and nations and humanity itself get blindsided all-too-often.

    On Sunday or Monday, I started reading articles on earthquakes. There are plenty of articles out there, yet I didn't find any that seemed to me to accurately tell how many lives could be lost. Actually to me, I feel that the numbers were actively being made too low, far too low. Even when speaking of the "Big One" or big ones, the number of lives at risk were put at many hundreds or at the highest "a few thousands".

    Any reasoning person knows that when cataclysmic evens occur, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands die. The earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan 2011 killed over 15,000 people and destroyed the economy of an entire region of Japan. Here is a table of earthquake casualties:


    The 1556 China earthquake killed over 800,000 people.

    As to the Pacific Northwest, here are some articles about the report. Best I could do. I went on the FEMA website and did searches and did not find the report on the upcoming catastrophic quake. The quake is 100% inevitable. FEMA reported that 13,000 people could be killed. I think we all know that that is a kindergarten number. Hundreds of thousands will perish, if not a million plus. I'm talking about numbers of people killed outright. Without electricity, natural gas for cooking, and being cut-off from food deliveries, the subsequent death toll will rise even higher. The injured will have zero hospitals to which they can be taken for treatment. What we consider treatable injuries will prove fatal.



    From above article, highlighted areas are those I found fascinating:

    "Despite the weight of the bad news, most people seem to be taking the warning in stride. Seattle’s Post Intelligencer even took a slightly tongue-in-cheek stance in reporting on, well, the report. After all, the science says such an earthquake might not happen for 50 or even 1,000 years from now, and Seattlites are kind of known for not getting too worked up in the first place. But even though The New Yorker’s report isn’t necessarily cause to start running around freaking out, residents of the great Pacific Northwest will probably want to keep this information tucked away in case it becomes relevant. Say, when planning to build a home in the region. One might opt for architecture specifically designed to resist earthquake damage, although it’s probably not worth it, since everything will be wiped out by the tsunami anyway."

    I see Seattle as a city that flips God the bird. Let them perish.


    Let's move on.

    Pacific Ring of Fire

    A little space pebble splashes into the Atlantic Ocean:


    All around this planet, populations form on waterways and especially sea coasts.

    As I search the web, what strikes me is the denial factor. The overwhelming majority of people have the view of "things like that just can't happen." I believe this to be an outgrowth of the "Mommy and Daddy will protect me" belief of children. And too, many people in the developed West have actually never had anything really horrible happen to them. Witness the panic over the Chinacovid virus -- only a few million of the Earth's 7.8 BILLION people will die. A real plague -- and they are inevitable -- will kill hundreds of millions, possibly billions of people.

    I believe that we preppers underestimate how unprepared are the masses. There are prepper sites for folk living in urban areas. True preparedness means getting away from large population centers altogether. To this I would add: Move away from earthquake areas. Move away from coastlines -- not only that, but seek an area in which to live that is at least a few hundred feet above sea level. And no matter where you live, prepare for being on your own for months on end. Government agencies are not only not going to be able to handle that which is coming, they themselves will be destroyed.

    Back to earthquakes. Mega-quakes are overdue. They are coming. They are going to be far worse than what people and their governments are prepared to handle. The aftereffects will be as bad, if not worse than, the initial event. Simply trying to find blame will be a fatal path. No preparedness = death for you and your kids.
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  6. Pragmatist

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    Good afternoon Old Geezer,

    Of course the earthquake losses are being supressed. The real estate and local taxing authorities rule.

    FEMA is now an official bureaucracy. It's staffed with a young crew not knowing much combined with not really interested.

    Mommy and Daddy are augmented by "In case of ... call 9-1-1".

    We are still the jet set, beautiful people of the JFK Camelot era.

    The only redeeming news I can offer as a Prepper is a secondary skill of mine. I can help write the obituaries.
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  7. F22 Simpilot

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    I'll never forget October, 17th 1989. My dad was watching the baseball game while living in Riverside, California and all of a sudden all hell broke lose. We now know it to be the Loma Prieta earthquake measuring 7.1.
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