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    Thanks to modern science and technology earthquakes are able to be measured. New seismology equipment that measures the Richter scale helps to determine when trimmers are happening and there potential plotted future. Currently, there is an active fault line in the United States known as the San Andreas Fault. Many believe that California will end up eventually breaking off into the ocean either sinking completely or becoming an island. What a lot of people don't understand is that thanks to detection equipment those who study earthquakes and their patterns have been able to show that the California San Andreas Fault is actually affected by a fault line that runs all the way into Utah.
    Utah has been actively having small trimmers that have been measuring on the Richter scale over the past few years. These small tiny earthquakes in a chain-like pattern that leads many scientists to believe a major earthquake is due anytime.Oceanic buoys are also utilized to measure the Richter scale and help to detect earthquakes underwater. A powerful earthquake could disrupt life on the planet at a moment's notice. Just like every other disaster having a plan and supplies on hand is the best way to avoid becoming a victim during a catastrophe.
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