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    In 1968, a strong earthquake toppled Ruby Tower, an old residential building in the heart of Manila. The 6-story building was flattened similar to the demolition being done for old buildings. But the pile of debris is not easy to remove. However, there was on trace of survivor and everyone was presumed dead.

    But after 5 days of rummaging, the rescuers heard some human noise. Indeed, there were 2 girls still alive. Both minors are Chinese-Filipinos. And the rescue was successful in saving the 2 children. Now, the question is how did they survive for that long without food and water? Simply put, it is their state of mind that saved them.
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    It was body fat! most females have some body fat!
    Trapped means low activity and perspiration! the body consumed stored fat! consuming the fat also released some water!
    Those girls could probably have survived a few more days trapped depending on how much body fat they had!

    Simple rule 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food!

    Actually the above girls may have died of thirst if they had had food to eat and no water!
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    The brain is capable of doing amazing things in order to keep the body alive. My psychologist told me she had a patient who came really close to suicide once. He planned everything, drove his car to the bridge, stepped out, got to the edge... And then his brain just clicked. He couldn't do it. He was completely convinced that he was going to do it, but his brain went into survival mode and just made him stop. He told my psychologist that the suicidal thoughts made him stop feeling like himself, and right then and there, he became himself again. His brain had to do this to protect the body, to protect itself.
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