Economic Collapse

Discussion in 'The Apocalypse' started by joshposh, Jun 10, 2016.

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  1. joshposh

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    There a bunch of ways a financial analysis can describe a economic collapse. I have my interpretation of how it will unfold as we see signs of it everyday. I made it really easy, so anyone can follow.

    The cost of living has gone so high that we the citizens of individual countries cannot afford to pay for our luxuries and utilities. Most people have car payments and mortgages. No matter how much we save and put away, the cost of living goes up with inflation and most of us never get ahead in life. The minimum wage will not be enough to carry a family with daily needs. It's happening everyday in every town.

    Sites like this one and many others, you will see a trend of people changing their outlook on life and the way we live it. Do we really want to work another 20 years of waiting for the weekend? For some there is no weekend as they have to report to their part time job to pay the bills. 35 to 40 years of labor is what most people are trained to think is the only way out.

    There will come a time when people will look to their past to live their lives. A life with no mortgages and not being ashamed of living in a RV or a earth bag house, where they own outright. Most of us here stay with the times and have to get the latest technology to look cool.

    I think everyone needs to wake up and break away from the chains that our governments have been placed upon so that they can suck us dry of our years of labor. A friend of mine once told me that "you should always invest in yourself. Never invest in others, especially the ones that need money".

    Everything you have should be invested in you and your family. Not on fiber optic internet so that you can match data speed with your neighbor. Eventually people will catch on, and the financial institutions and government fees and tax collection will be in the red as people will no longer pump their money and interest back into the system. Your hard work will work for you.

  2. Arkane

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    Politicians are just puppets of the real masters!
    And the real masters are the rich!
    The rich enslave the mass's with loans
    The rich dictate to politicians or the rich owned media destroy them with public opinion!
    The rich and there banks enslave whole countries!

    But when a single country rebels (Iceland) after falling prey to bankers what do you here in the media?
    NOTHING! It is as if the country no longer exists!

    Bankers/Financiers/whatnot are SCARED shiiteless that other countries enslaved to the banks may follow suite!
    and break the money chains of financial slavery!

    Why is a countries currency controlled by private banks, should not the people control the peoples currency?
  3. John Snort

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    I believe that most people don't realize is that the wealthy are working with the government to fully enslave the poor. Already there are people who work for "slave wages." And they see no way out from their predicament. It's right there though but they are unwilling to take the risk. Stop using credit cards and start learning how to be self-sufficient. If you have food, you need nothing else.
  4. CarlosTL

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    There are many worrying signs actually:

    First there is a demographic imbalance worldwide, the situation is particularly dire when you look at the populations of countries such as Pakistan, Indian, Bangladesh and more recently Nigeria. With the exception of the latter these countries have absolutely no resources other than primitive peasantry and they have hundreds of millions of people to feed, find jobs for etc. This is the biggest pressure on the immigration to the Western world.

    Second, the Western World has a demographic imbalance of its own, related to the generational gap, whether in numbers or relative affluence, prosperity and outlook between the older and younger generation. I consider this more or less a time bomb, as governments keep putting pressure on the younger generations which have have it much worse relative to their parents and even grand parents in some cases.

    Finally, there is an issue with capital in this world. Financial assets have become more and more a decisive factor in how well you will fare in life as opposed to hard work, talent or degree. This pushes money hoarding behavior and a general sentiment of instability & fragility amongst most people who, for example, find themselves indebted to the neck, forced to work 30 years just to own something as basic as a house (should be a basic right to have somewhere to live and pay a reasonable price for it not 30yrs mortgage)
  5. pwarbi

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    While we obviously don't know for a fact, and probably never will, but I think the majority of people (including myself) think that the world is ruled by money, and those that have the most are the ones calling the shots rather than the so called elected politicians. While I'm no conspiracy theorist, here in the UK we are told about just how influential the Queen is for example and how much money the Royal family have in assets throughout the world and not just England. How close they are with the Rothschild family who practically run the global banking and financial institutions and it does make me wonder exactly who does control our lives.

    The politicians that we elect might claim to make the rules and do what's best for us, but secretly are they controlled by other more powerful institutions and are they just puppets that are put in place to mask what they don't want us to know?
  6. lonewolf

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    don't worry about the Royal Family pwarbi, its big business and the bankers that are telling the politicians what to do-not the Royal Family.
    the Saudi's and Russian moguls are buying up parts of London like there is no tomorrow.
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  7. pwarbi

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    You may be right but I recently read that the Queens worth, money and assets combined made her as wealthy as the Saudi Royal family and the Russian oligarchs so for a frail and little old lady, I'd rather not underestimate her, put it that way! People who have that amount of money and the amount of power that she has, can pretty much do whatever they want in the world and have the money, power, respect and influence ti make anything happen.

    Just ask princess Diana, but that's an whole different issue, haha!
  8. lonewolf

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    apart from Prince Charles, and he's only saying what most of us think, the Royal's tend to stay out of Politics as such.
    Princess Diana was a stupid "Slone Ranger" who went off in a huff every 5 minutes.
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