Economic Collapse

Discussion in 'The Apocalypse' started by ThePriest, Apr 28, 2016.

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    We've all seen TV shows on History Channel and National Geographic about Doomsday Preppers prepping for the economic collapse. At first glance, these people might seem crazy, but they are actually very prepared for what's most likely to actually happen. Other country economies have been collapsing all over the world and all that leads to a domino effect which will eventually will make its way worldwide. So what do you do when the economy collapses and there's no more food on the grocery shelves at the stores? Or there is no water flowing from the faucets or power in your house? No garbage pickup on Tuesday. So all these people are doing is the best thing obviously which is to be prepared.
    To be prepared for an economic collapse it's a great idea to stay out of debt and have cash at home. Also, not everybody is going to be interested in cash so it would be a great idea to have things to trade. For example gold, silver, scrap metals, meats, bread, rice, beans, dried foods, water, batteries and anything that can help a person survive will come in handy. Moving away from big cities and living in the country will also help you be more prepared.
    Having plenty of food and water for yourself and your family is the first priority though. In an economic collapse there will also be no firefighters, Police, Hospital or any city services at all. You'll be on your own, and the best thing to do is be self-sufficient. After the disaster sets in you'll start to see looters all over the place. It will be everybody for themselves, so you best be armed and ready to defend yourself if you are going on a stroll through the park.
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    The best way to prepare for an economic collapse is learning how to be self-sufficient now. While it can be easy to have a plan on what one will do in case of an economic collapse, when it does happen, those who were prepared beforehand will be better off than those who'll at that time be setting their survival plans in motion.
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    the economy will be one of the first things to suffer after a collapse.
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