Economic Warfare Currently Going On

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    Good afternoon all,

    It's re the gas pipeline under the Baltic and the one to Turkey.

    Please avoid any comments re NATO and its members. I'm still laughing about some Asia stuff and can't get overloaded with laughter. Laughter and lovin' I distain. They cause pain.

    The darm poetry books sometimes do also !
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    The following article proves how childish or brain-dead-stupid are the financial folk who hold government offices:

    "US & G7 Allies Go After Russia's Ability To Sell Its Gold As Sanctions Evasion 'Lifeline' "



    Gold is money among Earthlings.

    Guns are gold and gold is gold.

    Banning thingies makes their value go up and a vast illegal trade has its beginnings.

    Irrespective of how god-awful bad the times were, for multiple millennia, humans have killed for gold. As a matter of fact, even during mass-famines, humans traded gold.

    Gold even bought food during the Holodomor.

    Banning Putin from using gold as currency, wow! Hey, how about us making alcohol illegal! During America's Prohibition, alcohol went away and alcoholics stopped drinking, right? Yeah, sure! :D:D:D:D

    Handguns are banned in Chicago and long knives are banned in London.

    Black markets run on gold, silver, guns, ammunition, illegal drugs, sex, ...

    Banning ANY black market among the those mammals born as humans has always failed and will ALWAYS fail until humans develop some other genetic code.

    It is humiliatingly, sometimes terminally, ignorant to believe otherwise.

    If a Putin or any other wanna-be dictator has the guns and the gold, then they are going to do what they are going to do. The ultimate gold standard is nuclear weaponry. Push Putin too far and the balloons go up.

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