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    There are many different plants out there that may be utilized to your advantage during the time of a natural disaster, or catastrophe. By knowing the difference in plants that you can and cannot eat you may just be able to help sustain yourself long enough in order to find other food. During natural disasters and catastrophes most animals are just as shaken up and scared as people. This means that they are skittish and even harder to find than before. Going to the grocery stores will be out of the question because the food on their shelves will most likely be gone and what is left will be spoiled rotten. Knowing that you have the knowledge to find the right plant life and vegetation to consume for food can be the difference between life and death. It could take several days to be rescued or to have help sent out. Should life as we know it be altered we will have to take to survival techniques that many individuals do not take the time to know or have forgotten.
    At one time in history, many individuals prided themselves on being Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, ROTC, or practicing nurses. These individuals all knew survival skills and what it would take and how to react during a catastrophe or natural disaster. Today with the technological era however many people choose to sit and stare at their phones or computers and are not knowledgeable in the situations of survival. One may read and read and read but if you do not take the chance actually to apply what you read to real life you will never know how you will react in this circumstance. By downloading an app on your phone, you can get pictures of what edible plants look like. By familiarizing yourself with what edible plants look like in your area should there be a natural disaster you will be better equipped at providing food for yourself which is an essential in staying healthy. By knowing where to find the proper vegetation to consume you may buy yourself time to find meals higher in protein such as wild game.
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    Good post. Keep in mind that there are also websites and books that are area specific that tell all about wild edible plants. Also some manuals like the SF Handbook, SAS Handbook and Ranger Handbook all have sections in them on edible wild plants as well.
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    Better to prepare a place. Fruit trees berries nuts get you stuff going so its there when you need it where are you some places have little to offer GET READY NOW DONT WAIT FOR IT TO HAPPEN BE READY FOR IT
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    Lamb's Quarters taste very similar to spinach and can be used in salads or lightly boiled with salt and butter. I think we forget sometimes that people thrived long before supermarkets were invented. And were healthier, too.
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    I've heard that when it comes to berries, you want to avoid ones that are red because those are usually poisonous. Is it true that the color of a fruit has any tell tale sign of danger or not?
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    Iv been planting herbs,tobacco,veg,berries etc in a woodland and other areas near to me for the past year and most of the seeds have grown.
    true someone may find my plants but im willing to bet they wont find them all;)
    and in most cases i havnt seen much evidence of the local wildlife munching on them either.

    i read that if a berry has 5 or more spires around it then stay clear of it, should check if thats true really lol
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