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    Hello guys, I am Edward Mark from CA. Ex special forces and void of 1 hand (Thanks to service in Afghanistan). I am a prepper my self and like to mingle up with other like minded people. Have some real experience about survival as I learned it during my training and got plenty of chances to apply that knowledge on ground.

    I have started a online store where we (a small team of 4) sell supplies that will be useful for survivalists and preppers. In near future we will expand out store further by acquiring more stuff for our store but for now this what we have. If you would like to take a look here it is. (

    I would be sharing some very useful guides (yes very useful) in near future with you guys so you can also benefit from my personal experiences.

    If you guys can take a look and provide some (constructive) feedback I would be very happy...
  2. Keith H.

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    No offence intended Edward, but I would have thought that if you had serious experience in survival, you would have come up with some serious survival gear instead of the usual rubbish on your site. This stuff is designed for camping & short time lost situations & it is not even very good for that. If you learnt anything I thought you would have realised that modern gear that uses batteries or gear that is designed to break down is not sustainable long term. Very disappointing to see someone of your experience selling this expensive rubbish to people who know no better.
  3. hunybuny2

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    No offense taken. Well, I presume every one has his own way of dealing with the situation. Training can teach you some stuff but ultimately its your own mind that tells you what to do and what not.
    I am myself not a gadget guy. I always say that after you brain, training is the only thing that is going to help you in any survival situation not your gadgets. You can call me old school. But I admit that there are some tools that can make your life a bit easy. On the other hand I also do not like to waste thousands of dollars on useless stuff just to post some pics on Facebook or Instagram and show the world how cool I am. In fact, in near future we are planning to take our swiss army knife from our "expansive rubbish" for a 3-4 days spin in which I will practically demonstrate to live / survive using nothing but a swiss army knife. How am I going to do that ? My training...
    I also DO NOT believe in stupid shit like SHTF and EMP, Nuclear scenarios etc as after spending so much time in uniform and in battle ground I actually know what you need to actually survive. You need to survive earth quakes, Hurricames, cyclones, mass shootings suicide bombings etc... that is the shit which you can encounter in your life time not an EMP attack or SHTF scenario.
    Now coming over to the stuff in our store. I can practically guaranty that our stuff is cheaper than MOST of the stores out there and is of good quality. That is why we are giving 45 days money back guaranty with no additional questions asked. Only reason is, I trust what I am selling and even I am myself using same stuff. Will post pics some day...
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