Emergency Prep For Vulnerable Populations

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    Good morning all,

    It's an article well worth writing if it can get to the affected populations on the pie chart.

    Some rambling; ...

    Paragraph 2: During an emergency, even the most healthy, most fit and young can become disabled. That tree branch arriving inside the roof ... the one with the rats on it ... while the flooding waters arrived from the hospital's waste disposal area ... Factor this into thinking and planning.

    Consider the "Go-bag" to be a large duffel. Five days of water does have some volume and weight. Flip-flops for the shelter. You also walked through the polluted water. Yes, emergency shelters have a supply of flip-flops and yes, emergency shelters won't have any. Surprise !

    If serious about obligations of citizenship and surviving an emergency, get duplicate original copy of will to appropriate person outside of area.

    Note article's "In many ways this is going back by a century ago when we all knew our neighbors".

    "Block Captains" is a term from the Second World.

    PG&E has been racked through the coals by the Lame Stream media. Even in their current situation, they are in better shape than the state government.


    Of course rubber boots !
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