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Discussion in 'Survival Stories' started by jeager, Jun 13, 2017.

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  1. jeager

    jeager Master Survivalist

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    Perhaps I mentioned that I stay with Dee, my fiance, who is legally blind and her
    daughter, Linda, 42, still lives with momma.
    Linda is paranoid schizophrenic.
    Dee LIED to me when I met Linda and quickly saw Linda was about 5 fries shy of a happy meal.
    Dee said Linda "isn't quite where she want's to be in life."
    Obviously Dee wanted to HIDE the fact that Linda is................NUTS.
    Crazy as an outhouse mouse.
    Well lately and again I am the focus of Linda's paranoia.
    That means everything that happens in Linda's demented world is ALL MY FAULT.
    She calls me "Fat Albert" as she gives me the finger yelling to go eff myself.
    I'm 5-10 and 170, NOT FAT save a tiny bit of belly bulge that bothers me a bit but no one else.
    I have my 50 + guns and most of my ammo here since I pretty much stay here.
    Linda would not have the where with all to load one let alone use one but KNIVES
    are handy everywhere.
    I TOOK a knife from her once as she threatened her mother.
    Linda once spat in her moms face over and over 'till I gave Linda a "come back to earth"
    slap in the kisser.
    Just a tap really as I won't hurt a nut job.
    Bottom line:
    I gotta get outa here.
    Dee nor Linda can possibly have any place in my survival plans.
    It will break my heart to abandon Dee but .....................survival is paramount.
    Linda would be a huge liability in a shtf situation because she's NUTS.
    I have a nice littel 3 bdrm home on 15 acres in the country where I am safe from a nut job.
    Also there are TONS of females in my age group that are single.
    Most are widows that got everything from the poor man that worked himself to death
    supporting her.
  2. lonewolf

    lonewolf Legendary Survivalist Staff Member

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    your place in the country on 15acres sounds great.
    I think you need to get out of where you are, you aint getting nowhere, its time to cut and run before they bring you down.
    in SHTF that daughter is going to go REALLY nuts-you aint seen nothing yet.
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  3. jeager

    jeager Master Survivalist

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    You're spot on right.
    I recall a few years ago it was on the news someplace in the world would
    experience a solar eclipse.
    The nut ran out of the house and came back with $100 bucks worth of
    flashlight batteries.
    NO FLASHLIGHTS, just batteries.
    If it were not for McDonald's she would starve to death.
    There is no way the poor girl can cook anything.
    I tried to teach her to fry some breakfast eggs to no avail.
    One wonders if she was dropped on her head as a baby?
    The only thing crazier than the nut job is the 70 something year old
    guy screwing her.
    Rumor in the neighborhood is that the goof has over 200 porno flicks.
    A porn addict.
    Well that fits.
    No "normal" man would be with her.
    It isn't that the nut can't help herself, she can.
    She has learned to say " I'm sorry " over and over and it works with her mom.
    It didn't work with the police.
    One night she side swiped a pick-up truck sending it off the road and the truck
    took out about 15 mail boxes.
    The nut kept driving so the truck driver was able to follow and use his cell
    phone to call the cops.
    The cops got her a block from her home and cited her for hit skip.
    The nut got "occupational" driving only but she drives anywhere, anytime.
    I just gotta get the #ell outa here!
  4. Arkane

    Arkane Master Survivalist

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    Talk is cheap and easy!
    Deeds are what counts!
    You know the problem
    You know the soloution
    A real man would be posting on what he had done about it
    Do you have a set? if so use them!

    No more bellyaching about the problem ok
    Lets hear a bit of bragging about how you solved the problem!
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