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    I couldn't find a thread about this.

    Keeping your body in shape is overlooked by many preppers. It's like alot of people are bound to survive while they are working on killing themselves at the same time. Smoking, drinking, eating unhealthy and never exercise sounds like a bad prep for a bug out situation or any survival situation.

    So, what exercise forms do you do and how often? Do you supplement or control your diet?

    I swim 3x45 minutes every week. I lift weights two times a week and focus on the "big 3" (Squats, deadlifts and bench) and fill in with some military presses and some more isolated exercises like biceps and flies and such to stay flexible.
    I hike in my job about 50-60 km a week with full load so I bought me a bicykle recently not to get stuck infront of the computer to much when I'm home.

    My diet. I try and stay low on starch and i rarely drink alcohol. Never smoked but I use tobacco. I eat fish atleast 4 days of the week and try and remember to eat raw vegetables with every meal.
    I suppose us living a six hour drive from the nearest pizzeria helps. But I always been more of a kebab or hotdog guy when it comes to fast food.
    The kids loves pasta so that's a guilty pleasure. I love it too allthough I know it's not good for me.

    Running, I never run. I hate running. In my first five years as a Navy diver they made us run all the time and I hated every second of it. It's like I can't do it for some reason. My knees hurt, I feel like my body is fat and flubbering all over the place :D Just not built for it. To short legs maybe. As soon as I was let off the "Standardrutinen" and could choose my own forms of training I started swimming instead.
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    Exercise is important, overall health is important. What you eat today maybe much different post surf. Exercise might be different as well, no gyms, no pools because people pulled all the water out. I am not saying there no good but I like to diversify my workouts and use everyday stuff if I can. Five gallon bucket of whatever, if I see a small to medium log on a hike I will do something with that etc...
    I am not as healthy or fit as I need to be but ok. Well at 58 I realized I am not 25 anymore by the way I move and stuff so I started a lot more stretching and exercising. The food side is being heavily modified with raw veggies, high quality protein and fruit. More wild plants in a salad and edible things I find on a hike.
    I am planing on buying five+ acres in the Northwest in the next 12 months and would like to be able to do stuff myself. If I am out of shape and not healthy forget it. I had a weight issue my entire adult life, at 18 I discovered fast food. My mom was a health food nut and I thought food was yuk but looking back that’s how I am cooking and eating.
    Find your why and lock onto it to get healthy, be prepared.
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