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    Falconry is a hunting method that employs trained birds of prey to catch wild animals in their natural environment. This is a simple definition of what is falconry about. That said, it is true that today there are many other things that look like falconry but not become so. There are also other ways of understanding falconry by some people who, with no intention or ability, for whatever reason, go hunting with their bird of prey, and keep it exactly like falconers engage in real game hunting, but to withour having this as their ultimate goal. Some practice Falconry throughout their lives; others during a learning phase, in order to later move to try to achieve more ambitious goals.

    Of course, there are some other birds of prey practices that normally confused by the general public with falconryregardless of how much they may employ falconry techniques for handling birds of prey. In regards refer amusement exhibitions with birds of prey to general public or displaying pet birds of prey in popular medieval markets. These activities should not be confused with the real falconry.

    Hunting with trained birs of prey had its origins in the steppe areas of Asia, around three or four millennia ago, later spreading both to the east (coming to China, Korea and Japan) and westwards (reaching virtually throughout Europe and North from Africa). However, some evidence related to the Iberian culture findings do not fit into this model and, if treated really like a representations of scenes of falconry, could lead to the idea that falconry has arisen spontaneously in different places.

    In Europe, after a period of maximum splendor in the Middle Ages (with significant differences between different territories), it began a slow decline that led to the virtual disappearance in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. In the twentieth century there was a resurgence of this technique of hunting in the different European states and spread again all over the world.

    The following video is a showcase of falconry hunting. The hunters here explain the basics of this method of hunting while they are setting for pheasant game hunting. Fascinating

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    It can be an easy way to get yourself food in a survival situation. But catching a falcon and training one to do the hunting for you won't be an easy task. Nonetheless it's something one should look into. Arm yourself with knowledge so in case circumstances demand it, you'll know what needs to be done.
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    falconry is not something one can learn in 5 minutes.

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