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Discussion in 'Nuclear War' started by CivilDefense, Jun 20, 2016.

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  1. CivilDefense

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    I thought I'd pass along this Civil Defense video concerning life in a fallout shelter or a home shelter. While dated, they do contain solid information nonetheless. Cheers pallies!

  2. cluckeyo

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    My Dad taught Civil Defense after World War II. It was a huge concern back then. And remember the days of the Cold War, everyone wanted one of these fallout shelters.
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    I think most of the stuff I know about what Fallout life would be like, comes from that game "Fallout". I'm not sure how accurate it is, because it's mostly a futuristic thing. However, I think it does a pretty job of portraying what it would be like to live in a small community and shelter, possibly for years on end. I would hope that our shelters become advanced enough, so even if we have a nuclear mutually assured destruction, some people can live and continue the human race.
  4. CivilDefense

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    I'm not familiar enough with the title to opine. If I had to take a guess, though, like most popular culture references to fallout, it is probably grossly inaccurate.

    After atomic attack, there is no reason to shelter in place for that long. It is measured in weeks, not years.

    Some most certainly survive. In fact, even after a full exchange, most people would likely still survive. Granted, many will die from the blast, burns, radiation exposure, illness, and starvation, but still millions will continue on. And their task will be of the utmost importance: restoring our nation.
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