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    I'm placing this article here more as news and less as guidance for Forum Members.

    Article is typical of what is being read - and most of the population do not read much.

    "Patriotic duty" phased out of the national scene after the WWII wind-down. After the crumbling of FDR's national coalition of the poor/dispossessed, progressive technocrats (It didn't start with Silicon Valley), political segregationists(publicly identified with the South but northern and midwestern areas also segregated. (Don't know about Cape Cod, Mass), labor unions, organized criminal syndicates, the fiefdoms developed. "Patriotism" was meaningless.

    Walking takes effort. Dancing is for the healthy. Even the "Wuhan shake" means using extra energy.

    ****** Be careful with "little kids" with Clorex wipes and light switches ! ******

    In Virginia, praying for state leaders is like dining on bat soup as a remedy for the DTs.
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