Family Survival Involvement?

Discussion in 'General Q&A' started by BigZirp, Jun 27, 2018.

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  1. BigZirp

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    How many of you have your family in 100% on survival?

    My wife used to think I was nuts. To be honest she has every right. But when it comes to survival i will tell you why she thinks it.

    I am a huge horror film fan. I love zombie movies and the thought of a zombie apocalyps.....will it happen? NO! But i think zombies and the thought of an apocalypse makes it fun for me. If i thought about leaving an area because of a flood, massive fire, earthquake etc... my brain would get bored. So making a B.O.B. while thinking about being surrounded by a zombie invasion really gets my creative brain going.

    For the longest time my wife thought i was nuts because i would talk about what we need to do in that type of situation, and with a smirk on my face i would mention zombies. Probably is not a good idea. ;)

    Last year while camping a friend of mine had his B.O.B. with him. My wife made a comment "are you crazy like my husband and think the world is going to be ruled by zombies?" He laughed and gave her a quick NO! He emplained the whole emergency situation, not the extreme like me, basic natural disasters and such.

    Needless to say that conversaion with my friend got my wife on board. Every member of the family has a B.O.B. She has not been 100% about survival techniques yet! My 21 year old daughter still thinks we are all nuts! My 10 year old son.....well he is waiting for zombies with his old man!
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  2. lonewolf

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    wife is with me 100% even gives me some ideas as what to do next, she is a countrywoman born and bred.
    I have a prepper friend, same age as me, same attitude as me, his wife and 3 adult sons think he is nuts and they will never change that attitude .
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  3. TexDanm

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    My wife and Daughters are all in agreement that things are unstable and that we need to make preparations to insure our survival. I also have several friends that are inline with us that will probably join us if things go down.
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  4. Ken S LaTrans

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    My family is on board. My daughter likes the sense of security that comes with knowing that we are prepared for just about anything that comes along.

    When we had our new home built, one of the things I had to consider was long term backup power. My wife's father was with us due to a terminal illness that required oxygen 24/7. Being a pragmatist, I had our home equipped with a Generac generator that runs on natural gas. We have piped in natural gas, and it is estimated that even in a full SHTF that the lines would be pressurized for as much as 90 days. I also bought three of the BIG propane pigs and had them put on the property and filled against something happening to the gas company. All I need to do is switch between gas lines, and we have power. I have also covered my roof on the house with solar, and recently did the same to my pole barn.

    Last August, we had a total power outage due to an overloaded transfer station. The outage lasted 4 days...and we had full electric power including air conditioning the whole time. I treated it as a SHTF Drill and used blackout curtains on the house so no light would show, then I drive the entire 5 mile stretch of dirt road that leads to the dirt road off which we live...and you still couldn't see my home even in the dark of night.

    My wife...while at the time was only about 74% on board...came around to being 100% on board and even to the point of looking on the internet for deals on long term storage foods and making huge bulk orders as well.
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  5. Keith H.

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    My family like me I guess do not really think that a shtf situation is going to happen any time soon, that said, we have been through survival situations before, & we have the skills. I probably have more skills than the rest, but then that in my interest & I am an old man now.
    We are already living off grid & off all supplied services, & we grow our own food. We have a good supply of other foods in our pantry, we preserve our own foods by drying & bottling plus we make our own sources & chutney.
    The boys know to come home if it all looks like hitting the fan, one son & family is living on the property in our other house, the other two sons & families are not too far away. We all have our own packs & equipment, but we are not planning on leaving our home in the forest unless we have to.
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