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    In the olden days, campers bring the fan knife in lieu of the hunting knife which is heavy and bulky. The fan knife is a foldable knife with a blade of around 8 inches. It is convenient since when folded, it just like a big pen. And the blade of the fan knife is sharp and durable that it can cut bamboo poles. As I said, it is a good substitute for the traditional hunting knife in cutting meat or whatever you may catch in the woods. But I think the fan knife is sold only in the province where it is made and is considered a deadly weapon here.
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    I kinda like the Buck 110 folding hunter.
    It's o.k., not stellar but o.k., kinda heavy for a pocket folder.
    I prefer a fixed blade knife for general use.
    If I need to chop something a small hand ax, (hatchet) works. I even have a tomahawk and that
    works for light shopping choirs.
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