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Discussion in 'Other DIY' started by randyt, Aug 10, 2019.

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  1. randyt

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    I started on a feather stick maybe a fancy one. this one is made from green birch.

    here's a few photos

    a chunk of birch about a soda can in dia and about 4 foot long. I peeled the bark back about 7 to 8 inches from the end. I ended up choosing another chunk of birch, the grain wasn't just right.


    I strip back some feathers up against the bark, it looks of a rats nest


    then when I had a bunch pulled back I fastened back the feathers and cut off h left over nub


    then I started stripping feathers the back the other way


    then after enough feathers were peeled back from the other end I fastened them up against the first back of feathers. Much to my dismay I realized I cut them a tad short. That's ok it will still function.

    Dang, I started on a feather stick and by the time it was about done, it ended up a woodland Cree broom.


    I'll wrap the feathers with a chunk of babiche and thin down the handle with a axe.
  2. randyt

    randyt Master Survivalist

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    here's a photo of it finished up. I still nee to lash it with a chunk of babiche but for now a chunk of para cord will do

  3. GrizzlyetteAdams

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    I like how your feather stick ended up as a broom!

    For those who may be wondering what on earth is a feather stick (or fuzz stick), this excellent article on this blog will give you a clear idea why this can be such a useful thing:

    This bit was excerpted from (much more info at the link).

    ...feathersticks – when made properly – provide a very certain way of establishing a fire in otherwise potentially difficult circumstances.

    The circumstances in which feathersticks are invaluable come under a couple of categories:

    First, you may be in a situation where all the available fuel in the woods is wet. It may have been raining for days; even dead, standing wood will be wet on the outside. Small fuel such as dead twigs still attached to trees will also be wet or even soaked.

    The second circumstance under which feathersticks are particularly useful is when there are no small sticks available in the area and, therefore, there is no small fuel to start your fire. This could be a situation where you are within an environment that has a limited variety of tree species. It could also be a situation where you are above the tree line but firewood is has been transported there. A prime example of this would be in a cabin in the mountains in winter, with a supply of logs in the woodshed.

    (more at the link above)

  4. Morgan101

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    Nicely done. After all that hard work it would break my heart to set it on fire. Of course, you did make quite an impressive pile of kindling that could be used first.
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