Father Who Killed Intrusion Suspect: ‘i Had No Other Choice’

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    A father who shot and killed an intrusion suspect at an Anderson County, South Carolina, residence says he had “no other choice” but to protect his daughter, wife, and mother-in-law.
    Fox Carolina reports that 35-year-old Antwain Moton was playing X-Box when he heard a strange noise at the door. Moton went to the door where a suspect, 39-year-old Efren Nectali Ramirez, was allegedly trying to make entry.

    Moton told Ramirez to leave, then the two engaged in a pushing match where Ramirez would push his way in before being pushed back out. Moton’s wife and mother-in-law allegedly helped push Ramirez back out as well.

    He said, “His hands were just coming toward us, like he was going to do some type of harm.” Then Ramirez allegedly got far enough into the house to close the door behind himself, and that is when Moton shot him.

    Moton said, “As soon as I shot him, I called 911, and tried to keep him responsive while I (spoke to the dispatcher).”

    Ramirez received what proved to be a fatal shot to the chest. Moton said he regretted having to shoot, but was thankful he was home to protect his family.

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    Only one shot to the chest! I don't stop shooting until they stop moving. Glad that home owner and family are okay. Good end to bad rubbish.
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    Protecting the family. I can tell he feels bad about it, but at least he was able to protect and defend his home.
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