Feather Sticks/fuzz Sticks

Discussion in 'All Resources About Fire' started by Bill Mckinney, Nov 4, 2016.

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    I see on all of these survival shows and books so many different aspects and methods of fire starting. Some are quite interesting and useful, some are amazing feats of fire engineering and some such as feather sticks are just a waste of time and energy in my opinion. I have taken the time to make a few the right way, and found that even with perfect material in wet conditions there are better options available. A handful of pine needles from the underside of a large log or the punky wood from the low side of some rotten logs works better and takes much less energy to gather. I have built many many fires from Montana to the deserts of the southwest and not once when confronted with the need of quick fire told myself "I need to whittle a feather stick". At all times when on any extended walk or while guiding elk hunters I keep an eye out for extra tinder and gather small amounts as I go along. Pitch balls, old mans beard moss, birch bark or punk wood randomly find their way into my coat pocket or in a ziplock in my pack. Yes I cary some tinder already inside my pack such as fatwood slivers, drier lint etc but the gathering is half the fun. Here in NM during elk season monsoons can hit with little notice bringing heavy rains and temperature drops. Mostly I'm prepared for the weather and have my clients prepared as well but sometimes a fire sure feels nice and ads to the experience. A few strips of cedar bark crumbled into almost powder with a pitch ball on top is sure to get desired results.
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    I agree, I don't carry kindling with me as you do, but obviously I carry tinder in my tinderbox. I might consider shaving a stick in wet weather if nothing else is available, but I have never used a "feather stick". Personally I think it is one of those Bushcraft invented skills, like Batoning a knife blade to split wood !!!!!!!!!! The mind boggles :rolleyes:
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    A feather stick is something you do when you have time on hand!
    Personally I am more inclined to bash a stick with a rock to splinter it as that is quick and easy!

    I have been known to splinter a fresh stick and dry it over the fire and keep for the next fire!
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