Fema And Disasters

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    Good morning all,

    Link tells of FEMA responses. Article is decent background for those interested how the resources and money flows.

    Funny: "FEMA aid are becoming routine" ! ROFL. POTUS Clinton made snow storms eligible for Federal assistance. This includes $$$.

    I just skimmed the article and didn't catch the real clue. Disaster funds are exempt from reducing a budget item by the same amount. Thus, disaster funds flow freely.
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    I am not a big FEMA fan, but IMHO the article is overly critical of the Agency, for things that are not their fault. FEMA does not decide which emergencies to support. The Governor of the State declares an emergency, and requests FEMA assistance from the POTUS. FEMA is just doing what they are told. Why would any Governor use their own funds when they can get FEMA money at the drop of a hat? I would like to see the records for the number of requests for FEMA assistance that have been approved vs. the number of requests that have been declined.

    Who in their right mind wants to play with that political football? George Bush was excoriated because, in some people's view, he didn't get down to New Orleans fast enough after Katrina happened. I can't imagine the $h^&$torm that would fly if a President refused assistance.
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    Good afternoon Morgan,

    You're 100 % correct. FEMA is only the vehicle.

    Of course it's much politics. An example I don't believe I've posted here at MSF before; (Trump administration changing much)

    The flood insurance rate maps considered the areas behind levees to be free from the risk of flooding.

    I just worked a 2 day state seminar where the state reimbursement formula goes something like during a declared emergency the Feds pay 80% of costs AFTER a certain threshold is reached. Forget the responders. Get the accountants !

    Don't plan on inspecting approved and disapproved records. Everything is opaque, less what is sought to be placed in the public domain.

    The big project now is what's called the "fourth concern". Public health emergencies migrated into the emergency management arena. This too is opaque.
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