Fermented fruit juice as an alternative fertilizer

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  1. terryse

    terryse Member

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    Since chemical fertilizers are very costly for our family, we have tried fermented fruit juice and fish amino acids. They help flower induction when applied 7 days after planting or when plants start to flower.
  2. Arkane

    Arkane Master Survivalist

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    I used to brew a compost tea for all the pot plants the mrs had!
    Big steel compost bin turned every day, water added sat mornings and turned every hour or so!
    Small fire under sat night, bought to a simmer and turned! left to cool off,
    Sunday first light add a little cool water and stir! add more until water is just above ambient!
    Drain and water all pots with about one litre each!
    Drain all free water from drum and close, add scraps through week. Repeat!
    Mid winter clean out drum and start again!
    Sludge went into a dry compost bin! with the fire ash
  3. filmjunkie08

    filmjunkie08 Active Member

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    Which fruit juices do you specifically use? Are there fruit juices to avoid?
  4. Destiny

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    I'm interested to know the answer to this as well. I've never heard of using juice before, sounds like a great idea!
  5. Endure

    Endure Expert Member

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    Fermented fruit juices are mostly made from thoroughly blended ripe fruit, vegetables and root crops. Any sweet fruit or vegetable is suitable to be fermented, such as Mango, banana, strawberry etc.. Except, I think, citrus.
  6. SirJoe

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    In Korea there people that still practice traditional gardening and they ferment certain herbs and plants to make fertilizers for specific plants. I remember wondering how effective they really were.
  7. John Snort

    John Snort Well-Known Member

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    Question though is wouldn't it be expensive to make fertilizer from fruits? While it can be a good way use fruits that spoil I think in a survival situation, using fruit juice as fertilizer might not be something many people will do. Eat the fruit, toss everything else you can't eat into the compost pit.
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